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First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

You cannot progress unless you are safe enough! 

Although we have progressed far from living in the wild, our life is still constantly at risk. The modern world is not all that different from our ancestral one. The only difference is that we needed security from wild beasts back in the past, and now, we need security measures from people with malice and the risk of disasters like fire and electric malfunction, which are like ticking bombs, ready to explode at any moment.

First Aid Nepal is here to save and provide first relief to your homes and office compartments from these very dangers. As our name suggests, we are a trading company here to provide first Aid against any security problems, including but not limited to imports, sales, installation to annual maintenance contracts. It doesn't matter if the problem is related to natural causes such as fire or thefts; we are here for you!

If you want to contact us, you can visit our contact page or visit our Corporate Office at Kupondole-10-Lalitpur-Nepal. 

Your Security Our Responsibility

This is just one of our core mottos. We provide you with security solutions through our products and services. We are here to stay with the best quality products that are guaranteed to function as intended and last a long time. Your security is our primary concern. To do this, we provide products such as:

  • Fire Extinguishers: Portable & Trolley Mounted
  • IP CCTV Camera
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Analog HD CCTV Camera (HDCVI)
  • Analog Video Recorder XVR
  • Network POE Switches
  • Managed And Unmanaged Switches
  • Network Cabinets
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Access Control And Time Attendance

We value your time. Therefore, all of these products will be delivered to you in no time at all. At the same time, we understand that the internet is not the safest place to conduct business. It has become safer over the past years, but there are still risks. This is why we provide you with cash on delivery options; so that you can only pay us after our products have been safely delivered and installed at your doorstep.

At the same time, we also understand that not all of our customers may know how to operate our products. If you are in such a dilemma, you can simply give us a call, and our security expert will provide you with a stepwise guide towards using said product.

Our Mission

First Aid Nepal aims to provide security products to every home and office in Nepal. Our mission will be fulfilled by ensuring that every home has some form of security measures.


We envision making our country a place that is safe from crimes and disasters through our products. Although we understand that our products are not all-encompassing, they can still act as a deterrent against crimes and first Aid against natural risk factors. This is our core through which we can boldly move towards our ultimate vision. 


Our Goal is simple - to be the best security measures supplier in Nepal and ensure that our customers can sleep in peace, knowing that there will not be an immediate risk to their lives regardless of what happens!

Our Core Value

"First Aid Nepal endeavors' to give first-class service and support to all their customers."

We emphasize using proven state-of-the-art technology from all manufacturers and deploying highly experienced professionals for our customers. By not aligning ourselves to any manufacturer or market, we can supply security solutions unrestrained by the market condition!

Why Choose First Aid Nepal?

With tons of security service providers, "why should I pick First Aid Nepal?" should be a common one. We won't tell you to choose us but simply give our service a try!

First Aid Nepal Private Limited Team Members are specialists in designing, installing, and maintaining CCTV, Intruder, Access Control, and Fire Detection Systems. First Aid Nepal is structured to provide service coverage nationally and supply bespoke solutions and services using technically competent staff and first-rate service. First Aid Nepal is among the Top Dahua distributers and Dahua service providers in Nepal. 

Besides this, we are not aligned with any providers or market segments. This essentially means that we can supply solutions to fit any customer's requirements.

Besides products, First Aid Nepal also provides some of the best CCTV services and provide you with some of the best CCTV Technicians to install and repair CCTV and other surveillance systems, right at your doorstep. Regardless of if you need installation or repairing, we are here for you! 

The answer to why you should pick us is simple. They are:

  • First Aid Nepal is the largest Importers and Distributers of Fire safety and Home surveillance systems in Nepal

  • We have a physical store

  • First Aid Nepal is one of the top Dahua distributers and Dahua Service providers in Nepal 

  • We dispatch experienced CCTV technicians to your doorstep for providing you with best CCTV services

  • First Aid Nepal is known for it's quick delivery

  • 24/7 Online support for all our customers

  • We accept cash on delivery to reduce and remove any chances of fraudulent activities. 

After taking our services and interacting with our experts, we won't need to convince you to pick us, we will be your first choice!

Fast Delivery

Quick and delivery of innovative fire safety and electronic security solutions for better convenience and additional assurance

Cash on Delivery

Delivery and installation of security products before payment for trust and customer satisfaction

Online support

24/7 technical support from security experts to solve all your queries, concerns, and curiosities

  • Hanumansthan-10, Kupundole-Lalitpur,Nepal [Near Pragati School]