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In case of any emergency situation the emergency lights and exit signs are followed to evacuate from the building. In todays modern world the demand of big buildings are constructed to fulfill the requirement of offices, hotels, department stores, hospitals, airports, manufacturing industries, railways, subways, etc. 

So, its important to install the different types of Emergency Lights, Emergency Exit Lights, and emergency evacuation notifications devices. The emergency lights and evacuation can bring peace of  mind to the building owners or the departments or the visitors who visit the buildings daily or on requirements basis. Emergency exit lights can help the visitors to evacuate from the building easily keeping them safe from disaster like fire, earthquakes, or other threats.

For the safest use of emergency lighting system for the buildings or workplace its important to know how the lighting system works or the signs of such lights. A well designed emergency exit lights can save the life of the people by allowing them to escape or evacuate from the building. In emergency situation emergency lights can keep the people calm hence they do not panic and can save the life of the people. Emergency exit lights or evacuation safety signage can also make the rescuers or medical team, fire fighters to enter the building and find the exact location of the source from where we have possible threats.

Emergency exit lights are important in all the public places including railways, busparks, airports, convention halls, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, theaters, shopping malls boats etc. The emergency exit denotes the next emergency door or way to follow and get evacuated from the building.

First Aid Nepal is one of the leading manufacturers of Emergency Exit Lights with battery backups, Emergency safety signages-photo luminiscent exit signs. We also manufacture different types of safety signages like electrical safety signages, fire safety signages and hazard safety signages, safety signages for construction areas etc.

First Aid Nepal is authorized distributors of Emergency Exit signs, Photo luminiscent safety signs, reflective safety signs, working area safety signs etc.

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