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Buy FIRE HUNT ABC DRY POWDER at Best Price in Nepal

Best Fire Hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguishers in Nepal.

Fire Hunt is a global fire safety brand with years of experience and success in providing the world with some of the best fire extinguishers. Along with the trust of this brand, First Aid Nepal is here to provide you with the versatile Fire Hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguisher in Nepal. 

ABC dry powder fire extinguisher in Nepal is one of the most versatile types of fire extinguishers to have around you. Since they are effective for three classes of fire, you can use these types of fire extinguishers virtually everywhere. Buy the best Fire Hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguishers in Nepal from First Aid Nepal, and ensure that you have the best fire protection around you.  

Where can Fire Hunt Dry Powder Type Fire Extinguishers be used?

As the name suggests ABC dry powder-type fire extinguishers can be used for class A, B, and C types of fires. These are the type of fires that involves: 

  • Fires involve regular combustible materials such as wood, paper, cloth, and plastic.

  • Fires involving flammable liquids like grease, oil, petroleum, solvents, and flammable gasses 

  • Fires involving electrical components like fires on the electric panel, motor, MCV, electrical wiring, etc. 

Except for fires involving flammable and combustible metals and specific kitchen oils and equipment, Fire Hunt dry powder-type fire extinguishers can be used everywhere else. 

How much do Fire Hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguishers Cost?

The price of Fire hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguishers ranges from Npr 2,000 to Npr 5,625. That said, the price of Fire Hunt fire extinguishers largely depends on the volume and the discharge time. 

It is directly proportional to the volume and inversely proportional to the discharge time. This means that the larger the volume of the fire extinguisher, the more the cost. At the same time, the less the discharge time, the more the price. 

Regardless of your budget, First Aid Nepal has got a Fire Hunt Fire extinguisher for you. 

Fire Hunt ABC fire extinguishers Price in Nepal

Buy Fire Hunt ABC Dry powder-type fire extinguishers online in Nepal at the best price, only at First Aid Nepal. Here we have a product list of all the Fire hunt ABC dry powder type fire extinguishers at First Aid Nepal. 

Buy the best and cheapest Fire Hunt ABC dry powder fire extinguisher in Nepal, only at First Aid Nepal. 

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