Eversafe 25 Kgs ABC

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Eversafe Nepal :25 KGS ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type Fire Extinguisher-Trolley Mounted

EVERSAFE range of Mobile Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers is certified to BS EN 1886 and is manufactured under an ISO 9001 approved Quality System. It is designed to protect people and property at high risk areas where the potential for large-scale fire is always present. Mobile units have remarkably greater extinguishing agent capacities than portable extinguishers, and are highly maneuverable and can be easily operated by just one person.

EVERSAFE Mobile Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are effective on Class A (carbonaceous) fire, Class B (flammable liquid) fire and Class C (flammable gas) fire. It is also suitable for use on live electrical fires. It is recommended for use i refineries, airports, vessels, chemical plants, offshore platforms, garages, warehouses, farms and heavy manufacturing ares.

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