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6kg ABC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher

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Rs. 6500

6KG Fire Hunt Brand ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type Fire Extinguisher.

Technical Specification:

> Certified to ISI MARK, BIS Approved.
> Certified by ISO 9001:2000, IS 15683:2012.
> 5 years expiry date.
> Stored pressure – Easy low-cost maintenance and can be verified easily with pressure gauge.
> Effective for A, B, C & E Fire classifications of Fire.
> Safe for use on electrically energized fire no risk of electric shock for users.
> Controlled discharge with squeeze grip valve and levers.
Supplied with required accessories like wire strip bracket or L Brackets.

Find Best Fire Extinguisher importer, Distributors, Suppliers, whole sellers in Nepal:

As we know most of the experienced fire protection equipment's manufacturers are located in Kathmandu Valley. First Aid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. name comes in first rank for the fire protection and fire safety equipment's. The company deals on different type of life saving equipment's as well as fire protection equipment's in Nepal. First Aid Nepal is one of the leading importer of different types of Fire Extinguishers from Global Markets. Among them Fire Hunt Brand is one of the best ISI Marked Fire Extinguisher in Nepal. Fire Hunt Fire Extinguishers are certified from Bureau of Indian Standard. 

4 KG Fire Hunt ABC Type of Fire Extinguisher are suitable for office, hotels, hospitals, public places library etc. The Fire Extinguisher contains certified chemicals. The Monoammonium Phosphate Dry Powder Chemical plays key role on controlling the fire. The commercial grade Nitrogen Gas plays the role of  propellent gas which helps the Powder to come out of the nozzle when you press the squeeze lever of the extinguisher. The extinguisher is equipped with the Manometer(Pressure Gauge) which ensures the ready ness of the extinguisher to use.

At first Aid Nepal you can also service your Fire Extinguisher. First Aid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the only one company who refill the fire extinguisher with German Automatic Machine. The Machine is imported from Germany. At first Aid Nepal you can refill all the types and capacities of Fire Extinguishers. The cost of refilling of fire extinguisher is very competitive, genuine and of highest quality meeting the international regulations and certifications.

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