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Dahua Smoke Detector: 2 Wire

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Rs. 1500

DHY-HY-C131 Conventional Smoke Detector- Conventional Type Smoke Detectors is the best smoke detector on conventional smoke detection segment. The detector is two wired smoke detector which can be integrated with Conventional Type Fire Alarm Control Panel. based on polarity free technology,this detector analyzes ambient smoke concentration through a dual photoelectric smoke sensing chamber.

Smoke Detection:

This detector is designed with dual photo-electric sensing chambers making it effective to sense the smoke quickly & effectively. Hence the detector provides higher fire detection accuracy.

Dual Photo Electric Smoke Sensing Chamber:

The device contains dual Photo Electric Smoke Sensing Chamber with smart  algorithm of automatic compensation against dust concentration helps adjust alarm threshold, prolong cleaning cycle of chamber, and offering a convenient maintenance on these smoke detectors. The detectors are Conventional type which dont need encoding hence very use to use.

HY-C131 new-products Conventional Smoke Detector

  Meets all requirements of latest EN54

 Two-wire, polarity-free realizes convenient wiring

 Completes EMC test, it has strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, high stability and reliability

 Dual photoelectric smoking sensing chamber provides intelligent and accurate detection of smoke

 BLC algorithm automatically adjusts alarm threshold based on the smoke in the chamber, extending cleaning cycle and providing easier maintenance

 Non-loosening screws on base terminal for easy installation

 Contacts material is highly acid-resistant and rust-resistant

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