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SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in Nepal

The SCBA- Self Contained Breathing Appratus  are applicable to Fire Fighters or rescue workers in toxic & Harmful Gas environment ort in a smokey area containing harmful dust particals, carboneceous such as smoke, and poisonous gas area to provide pure oxygen for respiration for the rescuer or fire fighter. The device is widely used in fire protection, electric power,chemical zones, shipp and offshore boats,smelting warehouse, laboratory, mining  & other rescue and defencive departments.

Major Feature of  SCBA-Self Breathing Appratus:

Device is Antifog, Anti Glare, Wide Field of View Through Glasses, Good Air Tightness, easy and comfortable wearing of  face mask. The gas supply regulatory valve is small to carry in volume which can supply adequate gas supply to the users, The Face Shield has wide angle of view. The device comes with carbo fiber  back plate,light strength and high strength designed to meet the more comfortable and convinent wear for the rescuers or fire fighters. The pressure reducer valve is inbuild , no adjustment required, and is maintaineance free. It also has a spare interface for long term use and options. The device is equipped with light pressure guage to check the gas level and pressure level during refill. The device is shock proof. Lumininousshockproof  & luminous display and accurate in gasalarm due to discharge time. The cylinder bottle valve is  equipped with the ratchet check device to prevent unintentional and close during the usage period.

First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. is the leading suplier of SCBA Devices in Nepal.

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