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Fire disaster can any time any where in any situation. Fire can be devestating disaster if you dont or cant stop them while burning un-wanted or un-controlled. Generally the earlier we stop the fire-the better. Generally fire becomes bigger and bigger wuth intensity, increasing temperatures on surrounding and size if they have the resource to burn -oxygen, heat & fuel or in some cases  a chain reaction.

The National Fire Protection Association and most of the other recognized organisations and authorities  calssify the four stage of Fire:

1. Ignition Stage 2. Growth Stage 3. Fully Developed 4. Decay

Understanding the different stages of Fire you can protect your assests, lives and can also fight with fire during different stages.

Stage 1. Ignition (Incipient)

The Incipient stage is the early stage of fire its cricial to fight the fire on this stage because its easy to supress the fire. At this stage fire causes the minimal damage.Its difficult to manually control the fire. At this stage you need a fire extinguisher or water source to control the fire . At this stage you can use fire extinguisher, fire balnket, or boucket of  water to control the fire. At this stage a Smoke Detector can identify the fire and send it to the central Fire Alarm system. After this stage Fire Reaches to the Flash Over Stage.

Growth Stage of Fire: 

At the growth stage of fire its very hard to control the fire.At the stage of fire all the combustible substances might get hot due to increasing temperature at ignition stage,So, at this we should be very carefull to extinguish the fire using Fire Extinguishers of Different types and capacity. At the early stage of the Growth phase a smoke detector can easily sense the smoke and can trigger the fire and a Fire Alarm Control Panel can send the fire signal to Fire Department. At this stage we should be very aware and be ready to evacuate from the premises. Fire can move to flashover stage within a minute or seconds after growth stage.

I.E. The Growuth Stage of Fire


.Temperatures can rise to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few seconds. Humans are not likely to survive in a compartment that has a flashover. At the Flashover stage fire can be formed into gas and can get fire all over the are filled with expanded form of heating materials. The flashover level of the fire can spread very quickely within milisecoinds to the building or the area.

Decay Stage:At the decay stage every thing burns. So, the flames can get lack of oxygen. At this stage the area is almost turned into ashes and charcoals. Its almost the very last stage of Fire.

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