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Hikvision camera vs Dahua camera

A popular saying goes, "prevention is always better than cure ."This saying applies to just about everything from health to home security. While we generally know a few preventive measures to take care of our health, what about home security? 

This is the area where surveillance systems shine. Be it IP CCTV Cameras or Analog HD CCTV cameras - these devices are perfect for seeing what is going on inside the building of your priority. Using these surveillance systems, you can easily see the activity and take action before the crisis happens or escalates. 

In the world of the Surveillance system, Hikvision and Dahua are among your best choices. Both of these giants in surveillance systems are extremely good. But which is the better CCTV Camera? Hikvision or Dahua?

What is the best Security Camera?

There is no simple answer to this question since both Hikvision and Dahua are extremely similar in comparison. These tech giants use the latest and greatest technology in their CCTV cameras. But are Hikvision and Dahua the same?  No, they are not. 

Rather than this, Dahua and Hikvision can be considered rivals in the same market. This is also one of the reasons why both of these brands are constantly compared. To make it easier for you to choose, we have made a simple comparison between the Key Dahua Features and Key Hikvision Features. 

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So without any further ado, let's get started!

External Compatibility

Both Hikvision and Dahua support External devices. These devices use ONVIF and RTSP, which allows Both Hikvision and Dahua to support external devices, especially if you have an existing NVR. ONVIF works by ensuring that the security camera is compatible with the third-party device, and RTSP allows external software to interact with the Surveillance cameras of Dahua and Hikvision. 

Although it can be tedious to set up ONVIF and RTSP on Dahua Camera, it is nothing that an expert cannot do. So this match-up of External Compatibility between Dahua and Hikvison ends in a draw. When talking about external compatibility, we must answer this frequently asked question "Does Hikvision support Dahua and vice versa?" 

Technically speaking, both Hikvision and Dahua support each other. The only issue with this is that it is easier to integrate the Dahua camera into the Hikvision recorder rather than the other way around.

Sensor Size

When comparing this Hikvision Feature with the Dahua feature, the battle results in the draw here too. Both Hikvision and Dahua have 1/3 inch progressive Scan CMOS sensors. Since these surveillance giants use the same size for sensors, there is no winner. Of course, you need to keep in mind that the sensor's size varies from product to product. 

However, both of these companies are fine with using the same size of sensors. This is done to meet the market standards since 1/3 inch sensors are the most common sensors in the market.

Minimum Illumination

Minimum illumination in a surveillance camera means the lowest possible light at which the camera can produce a recognizable video signal. Or, in simple words, the camera can "see" in darkness.

Both Dahua and Hikvision have a similar range of working capability in minimal illumination. The specifics vary depending on the camera model; the general minimum sensitivity of Dahua and Hikvision ranges from 0.008 Lux to 0.009 Lux. Lux is the unit for the measurement of light emittance. 

Both Hikvision and Dahua have cameras that have minimal illumination of as low as 0.0005 Luxs which is pitch black for the human eye. Both Hikvision and Dahua feature the ability to "see" and record in the dark, making them invaluable for home and office security. 

We have another round of draw in this battle between Hikvision Vs. Dahua.

Camera Lens

The camera lens is one of the primary features that affect the quality of the image or a video recording. It directly affects the background blur, sharpness, level of detail, and depth of field of any image or video. So far in this battle between Hikvision Vs. Dahua, we have only seen a draw. However, when it comes to Camera Lens, Hikvision is the clear winner - although only by a margin.

Hikvision surveillance cameras come with the option of 2.8mm, 4mm and 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm lenses. At the same time, Dahua only has an assortment of camera lenses ranging from 2.8mm, 3.6mm, and 6mm. Although this is more than what a general surveillance system requires, having more options is always advantageous in this market. 

So Hikvision wins by featuring an additional 12mm camera lens; Dahua isn't far behind either.

Max Bitrate

Max bitrate simply means the ability of surveillance systems to process the amount of bit at a single time. This naturally affects the quality of video recorded since a higher max bitrate means a higher quality of video relative to its resolution. 

Dahua falls a bit short with a 10MBPS bit rate for its cameras. While this is still more than what a regular person needs for everyday use, it still falls short of Hikvision's 16MBPS. 

Higher bitrate shines in high-grade security surveillance systems. However, In normal use, ordinary people will not know the difference between 10 MBPS and 16MBPS. Hikvision has an advantage in bit rate for their cameras, so this round goes to Hikvision surveillance systems. 


The dimensions of surveillance cameras don't affect recording quality. However, it does affect the freedom when mounting the surveillance Camera. Hikvision cameras generally have dimensions of 4.4" x 3.2". These dimensions make Hikvision one of the best surveillance cameras to mount and place anywhere. 

However, with Dahuas 4.33" x 3.19" dimensions, you get a smaller surveillance camera of similar quality and functionality. While a few tenths of an inch may not seem much, it does affect the accountability of a CCTV camera. Therefore, this round goes to the Dahua surveillance system simply because the general weight and dimensions of the surveillance camera are lesser than that of Hikvision. 

Sound Recording

Although you don't need sound recording for general home and office, it is always great to have some. Having decent sound recording allows you to see and hear what is going on in the office or home. This additional bit of technology might just be the difference between finding out the truth or being in the dark if a crisis happens when you are not around. 

Sometimes sound conveys a lot more than visuals. With the addition of sound recording, the surveillance device can monitor something beyond the camera's visual range to some extent as well. Which brand has a Sound recording function? The simple answer is both. However, Dahua Features sound recording in more of their models than Hikvision. 

So if the sound is important for you in your surveillance, investing in Dahua cameras with inbuilt microphone is the best choice for you. This round goes to Dahua.


Both Dahua and Hikvision offer surveillance systems in virtually the same price range. Because Dahua has a smaller range of lenses and max bitrate, Dahua cameras tend to be a bit cheaper than Hikvision. So does that mean Hikvision is expensive? No! 

If we compare the price range for Dahua and Hikvision within the same specs, then you will get around the same price per product. If you need cheaper surveillance cameras without high spec lenses and bit rate, Dahua wins this round. However, if you want a high spec camera lens and higher max bit range, then Hikvision wins this round. 

If you got confused, here is a table to make things simpler for you 




External Compatibility



Sensor Size

⅓ inch

⅓ inch

Minimum illumination

0.008 Lux to 0.009 Lux

0.008 Lux to 0.009 Lux

Camera Lens

2.8mm, 4mm and 6mm, 8mm, 12mm 

2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm

Max Bitrate




4.4" x 3.2"

4.33" x 3.19"

Sound Recording

Available on most models

Available but comparatively on a fewer models


Relatively Cheaper

Relatively expensive due to advanced bitrate and lens configuration

So, Which is the better CCTV Camera brand - Dahua or Hikvision?

The answer is - it's complicated. Both of these surveillance giants have a lot of things, and it is nearly impossible to make objective comparisons between these two. However, if you want cheaper cameras without high specs, Dahua is your choice. On the other hand, if you require high spec surveillance cameras, then Hikvision might be the better option for you.

These camera brands have their pros and cons and subtle niches that they cover. So the best surveillance brand between these two is the one that you feel comfortable with. 

We hope you found this helpful.

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