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ABC Fire Extinguisher Uses

What is the best ABC type Fire Extinguisher brand in Nepal? Is it a brand or Class of Fire?

It is also necessary to know what the “ABC” in ABC type Fire Extinguisher actually means. Theoretically, ABC refers to classes of materials that caused the fire. Below is a clear representation of what each Class denotes:

Class A:  fire caused by combustible carbon-based solids such as paper, wood or textiles etc.

Class B:  fire caused by flammable liquids. For Example: paraffin, petrol, diesel or oil (but not cooking oil) etc.

Class C:  fire caused by flammable gases. For Example: butane, propane or methane etc.

These information might sound simple but it happens to be the most essential factor that divides fire extinguishers. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these little information in your mind before buying or using a Fire Extinguisher.

There are many fire extinguishers brands in Nepal. As ABC Fire Extinguishers are filled with dry Powder. We must be concerned about its powder quality. MAP ( Mono Ammonium Phosphate). Mono Ammonium phosphate is a dry powder. Like every medicine. MAP powder has its composition.  Chemical Properties Chemical formula: NH4H2PO4 P2O5 range: 48 to 61% N range: 10 to 12% Water solubility (20º) 370 g/L Solution pH 4 to 4.5. Here to fight the fire mono ammonium phosphate is siliconized so the powder in insoluble against B Classes.

Another factor the fire extinguishers is most famous is for observation for readiness to use. The Extinguisher is equipped with a Pressure gauge also known as Manometer. The manometer shows that the extinguisher has Nitrogen Gas. Nitrogen Gas is the major propellent. when the lever or squeeze grip valve is pressed the powder comes out of the hose pipe and sprays. Thus, its very easy to use also. Before using any fire extinguisher we should confirm that the extinguisher has the pressure on it or not?  The extinguisher expiry date is valid or not? The extinguisher is correct to use on its class or not? 

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher Capacity & Their Ideal use or recommendation:

1 KG ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type : Ideal for Small Cars, kitchen, vehicles, etc.
2 KG ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type : Ideal for use on City buses, Micro Buses, Kitchen, small office room etc.

4 KG ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type : Ideal for use on Home, Office, Ware House, Hospitals Lobby, Restaurants etc.

6 KG ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type : Ideal for use on hall type office, stores, big kitchens, warehouse, diesel store etc.

9 KG ABC Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type : Ideal to use on Electric Control Panels, Petrol Pumps, Generators, Machineries, Factories etc.

There are a lot of Fire Extinguisher brands in Nepal, Each better than the other. Everyone in a while we question? Ourselves if the Fire Extinguishers that we possess are good enough for the job or shall we dare say, for the disaster that may fall upon us. Thus, we have finally decided to answer your intriguing question. Through a decade of research and experiences we have come to the conclusion that our very own SFFECO & First Aid Nepal are at the very peak of Fire Extinguisher brands. You might think it might be a little bias from our part but we have the evidences to prove why we are where we are. Our brand is approved & appreciated by top businesses houses, diplomatic organization, airlines, hospitals, bank & Financial Instructions, Manufacturers, Hydropower's, government offices, pharmaceuticals and many business verticals in Nepal. Business that go as vast as Schools, Industries, Hotels, you name it, we have covered it all and we would be more than honored for you to try our product and help us to keep you safe from fire. Our business is your safety.

Naturally, we are always concerned about the pricing of every product that we are willing to buy and same goes for Fire Extinguishers. The pricing of Fire Extinguishers may vary upon suppliers but you can always rely upon First Aid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. since we are considered one of the most reliable, wholesalers/suppliers of Fire Extinguishers in entire Nepal (also the sole reason why the top industries of Nepal choose us).




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