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What is Access Network Switch and Where to Buy the best Access Switch in Nepal?

The world has become a global village all thanks to networking, and unlike in the past, we can easily access the internet and network. Despite how accessible it has become, we still need a wide range of devices to make the network work. And one of these devices is Access Switch, generally known as Access Network Switch. What is an Access Switch/ Access Network switch?

What is an Access Network Switch?

An access switch or an access switch is a type of network switch that provides network connectivity to end-user devices, such as computers, printers, IP phones, and wireless access points.

They provide connectivity between end devices and the network backbone, enabling communication between devices within a local area network (LAN). Additionally, Access switches can support a variety of network protocols and features, such as VLANs, Quality of Service (QoS), Power over Ethernet Switches (PoE), and port security.

Because of these reasons, an access switch is an integral part of any and all networks, regardless of if it is a local area network or a wireless one.

What are the Features of the Access Network Switch

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Network access switch has some key and core features that make it an integral aspect of every modern computer network system. These key features are the reason why they are needed regardless of the size or scale of the computer network. Some of the key features of Access Switches are as follows.

Fast Ethernet

Access Switches generally support fast ethernet or gigabit Ethernet speeds that provide fast data transfer rate between the devices. This data transfer rate generally ranges from 100Mbps for the fast ethernet and 1000Mbps for the gigabit ethernet speeds.

VLAN support

VLAN is a local area network that connects multiple devices and network nodes from different local area networks into one logical network. By supporting the VLAN network, the access network switch allows the network administrators to divide the network into multiple subnetworks, leading to better security and better traffic management.

Supports PoE devices

Access switch supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) devices which include PoE Switches, IP phones, Wireless access points, and Cameras. As such, these devices virtually eliminate the need for separate power sources for the said devices that rely on PoE switches. This also enables the access network access switches to be eligible for use in some surveillance systems.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Another feature of access switches that makes them an integral part of any network is that access switches can prioritize the network traffic based on the application generating it. This basically ensures that important traffic gets transferred first, thereby ensuring a high quality of service.

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Access switches support the Spanning Tree Protocol, which helps prevent loops in the network topology. STP is used to disable redundant paths in the network and ensure that there is only one active path between any two devices.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Access switches support SNMP, which is used to monitor and manage network devices. SNMP enables network administrators to collect information about network performance and troubleshoot network problems.

Why should you get an access network switch?

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By now, you should already have a general idea of why you should get a network access switch. But if you are still not sure whether or not you should get an access network access switch, the following are some of the reasons why you should get this device.

Improved Network Performance

Access switches improve network performance by reducing the overcrowding of the data and improving the data transfer rates. This is done by providing dedicated bandwidth to each connected device. Additionally, these devices can also provide improved network services through advanced features such as VLAN and QoS.

Network Security

 Access switches can help enhance network security by allowing network administrators to segment network traffic and control access to network resources. They can also provide port security features, such as MAC address filtering and port-based authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to the network.

Simplified Network Management

Access switches can simplify network management by providing a central point of control. This is done through the use of features such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). They allow network administrators to monitor and manage the network from one point.

Saves Cost

Access Switches are generally less expensive than other types of network switches like distribution and core switches. Additionally, access switches also allow the connection of Power over Ethernet switches as well, allowing you to discard the need for additional power cables and sockets. Both of these features allow you to save a decent amount of money.


You can easily add and remove access switches from a network. This ability to add or remove access networks easily allows you to expand or reconfigure the network as per your needs and respond to the changes in the network.

 These are some of the core reasons why you should buy network access switches for your network.

Where to Buy the best Access Switch in Nepal?

You can buy the best access switches in Nepal from any well-renowned networking shops. But if you want to buy the best access switches with ease and convenience, you can contact us. We provide you with the best networking devices at the best price and your convenience.

In the end,

Access switches are a type of network switches that provide network connectivity to your devices. This is often the direct node between the router and the network. As such, it is an integral aspect of a network in modern times. This networking device has a wide range of features along with benefits.

 If you want to buy the best Access Switches, then you can simply buy them from us at First Aid Nepal. We provide you with a wide range of access switches at the best price with a few clicks and deliver you at the quickest time possible.


Q: What is an access switch?

A: Access switches are network switches that connect the access layer with the subnets that are integrated with access devices like routers and IP devices.

 Q: Is an access switch used in a surveillance system?

A: Although access switches are not used in surveillance systems directly, they can be connected to IP devices and used indirectly.

 Q: What is the main function of an access layer switch?

A: The main function of an access layer switch is to provide network access to the user.

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