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"The Importance & Benefits of Using Fire Rated Doors-Nepal"

Fire is a major cause of loss of property and investments as well as lives of people. Fire is a major threat to any types of property-Commercial, Industrial and Residential Premises. When we think about protecting the different types of buildings there is only much a fire alarm system and a fire extinguisher can do. Before any incidents happens we should be prepared to safeguard the occupants of our building premises-either its home, hotel, corporate building, laboratories, essential machinery operation area, valuable or historical documentation area etc. As we think about detection equipment like fire alarm system, smoke detectors, fire hydrant system or fire extinguishers we should also consider about Installing a Fire Rated Door or an emergency fire rated door. A Fire Rated door i.e. emergency exit door can protect our premises and can ensure that the fire flames doesn’t spread quickly in case of any fire disaster happening in our work place or home.

*What is a Fire Rated Door?

The Fire Rated Door is a door manufactured and furnished using a fire proof or fire resistant material like iron, steel, glass fiber, honey comb aluminum, wood, and gypsum or with fire resistive boards/sheets etc. This door can with stand fire for longer period of time giving emergency & rescue, fire fighters to put out the fire and save lives of the peoples-hostages person on fire. Apart from their ability to resist the fire on extreme temperature for longer period of time they also play vital role to control or stop the fire from spreading from one area to another area. Fire Rated doors are tested in accordance to accredited Fire Rating Globally. The materials used for furnishing the fire rated doors are resistant to corrosion, vandalism and extremely durable in any environment. The Fire Rated doors are painted with are primed with Zinc-Phosphate Stoving Primer and finished with Polyurethane Aliphatic grade of epoxy paint as required.

*What is Fire Rating or Fire Resistance Rating in Fire Rated Exit Doors?

Fire Resistance means the capacity of the materials to withstand the fire. Such resistance are tested on the sheet, siding, insulation, sheathing products etc. The fire resistance tests and ratings provides us the knowledge about the time to withstand in minutes or hours. The Purpose for Fire Rating is to evaluate the durability of the materials or accessories in use to contain a fire within a fixed area as well as to maintain structural integrity. These tests and ratings determines the quality and performance thus prove extremely useful as they can help to determine if a particular constructed site will give occupants enough time to evacuate or to come out of building premises before building gets completely damaged due to fire.

Fire Rating are divided into three categories A,B & C Category. Class A Provides the highest degree of fire resistance and C is lowest. The Ratings are based on time based tests: 20 minutes, one hours, two hours etc. The rating calculates how well the door performed under prolonged exposure to fire.

*Benefits of Fire Rated Door & Shutters Installation:

With installation of Fire Rated door on multiple areas like entry points, passages and emergency exit . You can have you facility or residence, commercial building a well round fire safety and emergency strategy.

  1. Fire Rated doors can provide the easy evacuation of the occupants from the building premises and save their lives, decrease the causality ratio.
  2. Fire Rated door reduces the ration of damage due to fire.
  3. Fire Rated Door controls the spreading of smoke of burning materials, keeps the clear atmosphere from toxic gases like carbon monoxide and other alike.
  4. Fire Rated doors are heavy in structure hence keeps you not only safe from fire. It can also keep you safe from burglary and vandalism or other potential threats.

Where should you install the Fire Emergency Door?

 > Entrance & Exit Points from Hall ways that provide access to Exit Ladder.

 > Doorways or lobby that separates two portions of building.

> Stairwells and exit that opens elevators shaft to Exit Point.

> Between Hazardous area & Non Hazardous Area in Building

Suppliers for Fire Rated Doors & Shutters in Nepal:

Fire rated doors can benefit us from many aspects. We can get numerous benefits in commercial as well as residential or large industrial spaces. With right consultation, project design, installation, and good after sales/ maintenance services your fire rated door or shutter last long protecting your property and everything inside the building premises or confined space. As we know every fire rated door are manufactured with its own capacity to withstand the fire it will be imperative/useful to choose the correct one meeting your requirements of your buildings or area of protection on time/hours basis. A higher fire rated door can protects you from spreading of fire and smoke for longer period of time. As per relevant building code of Government of Nepal its necessary to have the emergency exit doors or fire doors on exit ladders or exit doors of industries, hospitals buildings, commercial buildings, airport buildings, campuses or convention halls, cinema halls etc.

Buy Good Priced, High Quality Fire Rated Doors in Nepal.

If you are searching for good priced, high quality, tested fire rated doors in Nepal for your building premises. Then, First Aid Nepal is the right way foreword. Remember that fire rated doors are the most important exit in any emergency to evacuate as well as your barrier to withstand the fire from spreading. It can also control the toxic gas from spreading. First Aid Nepal can provide you good structured, certified, tested, aesthetic designed and durable fire proof fire rated emergency exit door. Firing a most professional team is must if you want your fire rated door to work without any failure when required.

At First Aid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. we have highly trained skillfully professional  for any kind of fire rated emergency door installations and maintenance. In case of any requirements you can call us at our office hours. We assure our best consultation, designing, supply and installation for your project.

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