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HDCVI Dahua CCTV Camera
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2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera
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Full Color Dome
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Dahua HDCVI Camera 2.0 Megapixel Bullet
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2.0 Megapixel Dome Type Camera
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HAC-HDW1200R- HDCVI Camera
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2.0 Megapixel Bullet Type Camera
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2.0 Megapixel HDCVI CCTV Camera
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Dahua Audio Dome
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Dahua Audio Big Bullet
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HAC-HFW1200TP(-A). Audio
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Dahua CCTV Camera HDCVI
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Dahua CCTV Camera Importer & Suppliars
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What is an Analog HD CCTV Camera?

This is the most basic form of surveillance system that records the video footage of the area the camera is pointed at and stores the said video on a digital hard drive. The difference between an HD Analog CCTV camera and your regular CCTV camera is that this one can record the video in HD quality, i.e., a minimum of 720p. Although 720p is not HD in modern times, it still is a considerable leap from the traditional “Full D1” which is only about 720x480 pixels resolution.

The function of an HD Analog CCTV Camera?

An Analog HD CCTV camera is used to record the activities of your home so that you can review the footage later on. Although an Analog HD camera, in its basic form, cannot let you view the live footage, this can be mitigated with a few additional devices. Along with this, you can connect the Analog HD camera with the alarm system with some minor modifications as well. 

Why First Aid Nepal for HD Analog CCTV Camera?

Although the default resolution of an HD analog camera is 720p, we provide you with products that can record the video footage 2megapixel or more. Since it is your home, we believe you should be able to view what goes inside when you are not there clearly. For this, First Aid Nepal provides you with the highest quality Analog HD CCTV camera from well-renowned brands such as Dauha and Hikvison. If you want, you can buy best HD Analog CCTV Camera in Nepal at First Aid Nepal, then do let us know. We dispatch highly skilled professionals to install the device and provide you with guidance to use the analog HD camera and even better, you can do all of it online.

Buy Best Analog HD CCTV in Nepal - First Aid Nepal

Get high-quality video on your surveillance system with Analog HD CCTV in Nepal! You do not need to worry about the low-quality video for your surveillance anymore. Buy Best Analog HD CCTV in Nepal from First Aid Nepal and HD quality video on your surveillance system. Recognize anything and anyone from the surveillance system - add a layer of security to your home and office! We dispatch a team of highly experienced experts to install and guide you on everything you buy. Best Analog HD CCTV in Nepal at First Aid Nepal!

Price of Analog HD CCTV Camera in Nepal - First Aid Nepal

In First Aid Nepal, we provide you with the best price for Analog HD CCTV cameras in Nepal. Our products range from a low cost of Npr 1,620 to Npr 25,000. Naturally, you can choose the price of an analog HD CCTV camera at First Aid Nepal as per your budget range. Depending on your budget, your preferred brand, and the intricacy of an analog HD CCTV camera, the price will vary - however, First Aid Nepal will guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase.

List of Analog HD CCTV below Npr 4,000 at First Aid Nepal

Buy the best and Analog HD CCTV at affordable price at First Aid Nepal. We are home to some of the best CCTV and surveillance systems in Nepal. Here we have the list of the best Analog HD CCTV below Npr 4000. 

Cheapest Analog HD CCTV in First Aid Nepal



Npr 1,620


Npr 6,397

HIK Vision 8 CH DVR

Npr 8,225


Npr 14,623

Network Video Recorder 4-8-16-32 Channels

Npr 18,200

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