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Importance of CCTV cameras in public places
CCTV is among some of the most common forms of surveillance and security out there. This surveillance system is easy to install and comes with a wide range of benefits for you. But what is a CCTV? CCTV, or Close Circuit Television for simple, is a system that records images of people in a said area. These recordings are then monitored and stored in a physical video recorder or Network Video.

Therefore, in layperson's terms, CCTV is a video surveillance system that captures and monitors the activities within a specific area. From this simple definition, you can figure out a few functions of this security system. But what is the importance of CCTV cameras?

We will answer this but let's take a look at some of the functions first.

What is the Function of a CCTV camera? 

The primary function of a CCTV camera is to monitor the target area and keep the area under surveillance. The application area can be anywhere from home to public areas such as banks and schools. In addition, CCTV cameras can also be used for security and surveillance in areas such as prisons.

 So, the function of CCTV cameras is to provide surveillance service through video recording and footage. As such, CCTV cameras can play important functions in a wide range of areas, including public security and home security.


Why are CCTV cameras important in public places?

The primary reason why CCTV cameras are important in public places is that they provide a method to keep things under surveillance. Public places are not under the jurisdiction of any individual. Therefore installing a CCTV camera in the said area and letting the governmental bodies monitor the area is a good way to keep our public areas safe.

 But besides this, there are a few more reasons why CCTV cameras are important in public spaces.

1) Boost in Public Protection

Unlike our homes and organization, where we can have some form of security, we are exposed in public places. The good thing about having a security camera is that these cameras can both detect and deter people with malicious intentions. No one wants to have footage of the moment when they are doing unlawful activities.

Furthermore, should an unfortunate event happen, CCTV cameras can be linked with a Network Video Recorder monitored by security personnel who can take action immediately.

2) Aids in catching criminals

As security cameras are designed to record video footage of a specific area, they can be used to catch criminals. This is mostly the case of recording a criminal performing malicious activity when they are unaware of the presence of a High-quality CCTV camera like Hikvision CCTV or Dahua CCTV. 

This can be during times of burglary, robbery, and neighborhood violence. Although gathering eye witness and other evidence are essential to catch criminals, video footage from CCTV cameras and other video surveillance can be an efficient aid in catching criminals.

Side note: If you want to know which camera is better, Hikvision or the Dahua CCTV camera, then we have an article for this. Be sure to check it out after this.

3) Collect Clues and evidence

Another reason why CCTV camera is important in public places is that they can collect clues and evidence of everything and anything. Previously we talked a bit about how it can record the video footage of a crime happening to aid in catching criminals. However, CCTV cameras do not simply capture the moment of a crime or an event happening. Depending on the video recording system, a CCTV camera system can capture and store video footage for a month or longer. As such, even if the surveillance is down during the event, it can provide the investigators with precious data leading to the event that can aid in their case.

Furthermore, this is not limited to a specific area or event. As long as the public CCTV camera lies within the zone of a crime, it can record the moments leading to an event that can be used as clues and pieces of evidence. The event doesn't need to be a criminal one. It can be a domestic disruption or a social one.

4) Improves Confidence

Which area would you be more confident to walk alone in - an area with a CCTV camera or one without? The answer is, naturally, the area with a CCTV camera. If the public area you are in has the surveillance of a CCTV camera, you will know that someone is keeping an eye on your surroundings. This leads to you developing a sense of confidence.

The more confident you are, the less you will be targeted. Furthermore, with the CCTV camera, you can be assured that you will not be falsely accused of things you did not do. Should that ever happen, you can be confident that you can use camera footage to prove your innocence in this way. This feeling of confidence will not be exclusive to you either.

In other words, one of the reasons behind the importance of CCTV cameras in public is to enhance people's confidence.


5) Reduces crime rate

Although having a CCTV camera in public places will not directly reduce the crime rate by a lot, it does deter crimes from happening to some extent. The reduction in crime rate is associated with the ability of CCTV cameras to deter criminals. The effectiveness will vary depending on other variables, such as the number of criminals present, the crime rate and the number of CCTV cameras installed. However, as long as people are aware of functioning CCTV cameras, there will be some crime reduction.

6) Prevention of anti-social behavior and social nuisance

 Similar to reducing crime rates, CCTV cameras can also prevent and reduce anti-social behavior and social nuisance. These include anti-social behaviors such as :



       Drinking or Drug Abuse




       Noisy neighbor

       Social Abuse

And more. The effect of CCTV cameras on the prevention of anti-social behavior is more prevalent than the reduction of crime rate. This is because criminals may not know the presence of surveillance cameras. On the other hand, people involved in anti-social behaviors are generally people from the same society and are well aware of the camera's presence.

The Verdict

So what is the importance of CCTV cameras in public places? In summary, these surveillance cameras detect and monitor the public area, which can deter crimes and other social nuisances from happening. Furthermore, CCTV cameras of public places can also be used as evidence to condemn a criminal or to ensure that a non-guilty person is not condemned.

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What are the benefits of CCTV cameras in public places?

A: Some of the benefits of CCTV cameras in public places are:

       Identifying offenders

       Detering public nuiscense

       Gathering data

       Improving confidence

       Proving or disproving innocence

Q: What are the benefits of security cameras?

A: The benefits of security cameras in workplaces are:

       Increased sense of security

       Improved productivity

       Preventing or reducing theft

       Real-time video of the workplace

Q: What are the 3 main uses of CCTV cameras?

A: The three main uses of CCTV cameras are:

       Deter crimes

       Detect Crimes

       Record Evidence

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