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Networking Company in Nepal: 

First Aid Nepal is the leading system integrator,importer and project contractor for the passive networking solutions for the office & big projects. We provide consultancy for the development of Networking and passice network solutions from scratch level to full development of the network infrastructure from small, mediium, big to large projects. We design the system from where pulling of networking cables, optical fiber, intigration of different end [points devices on network to full functional netweorking from locally access land to wifi managements.First Aid Nepal is the leading importer of Networking Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Shielded Network cables, optical fibers of different sizes from a single drop type FTTH cable to complex 12 to 24 or 48 core optical fiber cable.

Since it establishment in 2011 as safety, security, networking and cyber security products integrators. First Aid Nepal expanded its capability to import of different goods like:

  1. Passive networking copper solutions like: Cat6 Cable, Optical Fiber, Network & Server Rack, Faceplates, Power Distribution units etc.
  2. Optical fiber: OLT, Fiber termination ODF Box, Transreceivers of different types, ONU Router and Splicing Machines in Nepal.
  3. Networking switches like: Managed, Non-Managed, PoE Switches to L3 Core Switches.
  4. Different types of Wall mounting networking rack to floor standing networking rack and server rack in Nepal.
  5. Wifi Access Points, Routers, & Fire Walls of different brands in Nepal.
First Aid Nepal is wortking with different internationsl brands like:

  1. Cisco Switches in Nepal.
  2. Mikrotik Routers in Nepal.
  3. Cambium Access Points & Switches
  4. Juniper Networking Products in Nepal.
  5. Link Basic Server Rack and Passive Networking Products in Nepal.
  6. Dell Servers and Networking Products in Nepal
  7. Grand Stream Products in Nepal.
  8. Dahua Technology
  9. Hikvision
  10. Bosch
  11. Honeywell
  12. Synology
  13. ZK TECO
  14. Uniview Technologies
  15. Edgecore Networks.
  16. Ubiquity and many more......
As a leading Networking Company First Aid Nepal is providing consulting services in Nepal with the following services:

  1. System Network Integration
  2. Server System Installations, Configurastions and Monitoring.
  3. Internet Service Setup with various coustomized solutions through LAN Network and Wifi Networks.
  4. Industrial & Enterprise Network Solutions for Wifi Management through Access Points and Antennas for long Distance.
  5. SAN/ SAS/NAS Storage for Data Storage and thewir Integration.
  6. CCTV Surveillance System consultancy, supply, installation and integration.
  7. Smart Building Management via network.
  8. Fire Wall & Network Access Control Solution & Integration with different tires of Networking.
First  Aid Nepal as leading networking company in Nepal has served the following business verticals in Nepal:

  • Networking for Education: Schools, Colleges, University.
  • Networking for Hospitals & Medical Colleges
  • Networking Solutions of Industries and big manufacturing plants in Nepal
  • Networking for Defence & Police.
  • Networking for Aviation Industry in Nepal.
  • Networking for Hospitality Industry like Hotels,Restaurants, Resorts, Clubs etc.
  • Networking for Governemnt Project etc.
For your smooth operations of office, industries, hospitals, hospitality premises First Aid Nepal should be your first choice for the best networking and wifi management, consultancy and contractor in Nepal.First aid Nepal is a well reknown company in Nepal on Networking of different low voltage equipments and the best integrator of the netowork equipments in Nepal.

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