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We all know we all  worry about leaving our home, office or shop when we have to go out from the premises when we have to go for holiday, hospital, shopping or for the work everyday in our daily life. The concern for the security and safety is increasing day by day. The best wi-fi security camera camera can help us to get peace of mind. The wi-fi CCTV cameras can help us to monitor our house, garages, shop, ware house. First Aid Nepal  Pvt. Ltd. deals on all types of Wi-Fi- CCTV security cameras for your requirements in Nepal. These Wi-Fi-CCTV camera can keep the eye on your place of installations.

We have solutions for your smart home and office with Wi-Fi CCTV cameras with perimeter protection. These cameras are easy to install, have Wi-Fi capability, can record the video and audio with high resolution video quality. these CCTV cameras can send the notification on your mobile phone if intruders enter your hoses.

What is a Wi-Fi CCTV Security Camera?

A Wi-Fi CCTV security camera is a CCTV camera which operates from the Wi-Fi internet connection. It can record the video in the inbuilt memory card. It can also send the notification to your mobile phone while you are out of your home, office, garages, shop, office etc. It can record the video within its viewing field so you can check it from remote location from your mobile phone or laptop or tablet. It can detect human motion and send you the notification immediately through internet connection so you can instantly view the video footage from your phone or computer or tablet. Now, due to its AI feature the camera can also identify whether its human, animal or vehicle and can notify you. With the variety of loaded function on the Wi-Fi CCTV Camera you can choose the features to enable like Alarm from Human Being i.e. Person, Animal-Pet or Wild animal or Vehicle like Cars, bikes, etc. 

These cameras can save the videos on its Memory card inside them, cloud storages. As the cameras are wireless you should only provide them the power from the nearest location from your electrical points.

Here are the list of some of the best Wi-Fi cameras from EZVIZ & IMOU-Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras in Nepal.

Ranger2-Wifi Wireless Camera

IMOU Cruiser Wireless CCTV Camera:360 Degree PT

IMOU Wireless Wi-Fi CCTV Camera-For Outdoor.

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