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In this modern era, every business is adopting and embracing new technologies. One such technology is the time attendance system which is basically an electronic method to keep accurate records of employee shifts and work hours. But a time attendance access control system is not just limited to use these data to influence tax calculations, payroll, benefits eligibility, and legal compliances of an employee.

But some of you may say “we can do this without this technology”. Yes indeed you can but the implementation of these systems makes all of these easier, safer, and efficient. Because of this, this form of system has become quite popular in businesses, regardless of the size and scale. It goes without saying that this type of system is highly beneficial to an organization. What are those benefits?

Here we will take a look at the benefits of the time attendance system and how it can help you. But before we talk about the benefits, let’s be clear about what this system is.

What is a Time Attendance Access Control system?

time attendance system

A time attendance access control system, also known as a time and attendance system or time tracking system, is a set of tools and processes used by organizations to accurately record and manage employee attendance and working hours. It is designed to automate and streamline the process of tracking employee attendance, eliminating the need for manual methods such as paper-based registers or manual time clocks.

In other words, this is a system that is designed to record and manage the working hours of an employee. This can be done through many different ways such as biometric time clocks, proximity or smart card readers, and web based clocking systems. However regardless of the methods used, the end goal is the same i.e. to make the process of tracking working time easier and efficient.

Naturally a system like this provides a big set of benefits for an organization.

What are the benefits of the Time attendance access control system?

As we mentioned earlier, the time attendance system is a modern system designed to make the process of recording the working hours of employees easier, safer, accurate and more efficient. But the perks of the time attendance system don’t just stop there. Time attendance system can help your organization in many other ways.

So what are the benefits of Time attendance access contro systems?Some of main benefits of time attendance are:

Efficiently track Employee attendance

attandance system

One of the primary benefits of the time attendance access control system is its ability to track employee attendance. Since an employee literally has to go through this system to get to their workstation or start their day, it can easily track the number of employees who have attended the workplace. Additionally, this system can also track the time when the employee accessed the organization. Additionally, this system is also used to record the clock out time of the employee.

When both of these aspects are combined, it transforms into an efficient tool to track the total attendance hour of an employee. Additionally, organizations can use this same feature to track the overtime of the said employee as well. This can help organizations make an accurate record of employee attendance, streamline payroll, and ensure their compliances.

Enhance Security

Since some of the time attendance access control systems are also general access control systems, they can add an extra layer of security to your organization. That said, you do not need a biometric access control system for this, contrary to popular beliefs. As long as you provide your employees an authorized means to access your organization, this system can perform quite well.

This is because similar to any other access control system, this system can be customized to only let specific employees enter specific zones. In this way, you can track the total time spent in the said zone by the individual employee as well. This also prevents the employees without required authority from entering areas with sensitive data.

All of this converts into a form of accurate tracking of your employees and a better form of security system, even within your own organization.

Improve Productivity

a person working on a computer and taking notes

One of the primary benefits of the Time attendance system is that you provide individuals with personalized and unique access methods. As such, no other employees can gain access on behalf of other employees. This prevents frauds such as buddy punching or time fraud.

For those who are unaware, buddy punching is a process where an employee who is early to the workspaces records the attendance of their friends. Time fraud is simply the process of writing off more time than an individual attended in their worksheet. This encourages the employees to attend and leave the organization on time.

Since the higher ups of an organization have some means to track their employees once they are inside an office space, usually through different surveillance systems such as video surveillance systems, it discourages the employees to kill time and encourages them to focus on their work.

This aspect is especially efficient if a decent chunk of your employees are part timers.

Simplify Payroll

One of the primary perks of installing a time attendance access control system in your organization is the ability to track an employee’s total working hour. This naturally includes late entry, early leaves, and overtime as well. You can integrate this system with your payroll system and automate it to calculate the total payroll of an employee based on their attendance data.

Although this system is not completely foolproof as depending on your attendance system, there are still some chances of False Rejection Rates (FFR) and False Acceptance Rates (FAR) it is still better than doing it manually. Should an error happen, the ones in charge can solve it relatively easily as they only need to look for errors regarding specific individuals on specific dates rather than the entire month.     

Improve Employee Accountability

With a time attendance access control system, employees are accountable for their attendance and punctuality. It creates a culture of responsibility and encourages employees to be punctual. At the same time, the installation of a time attendance access control system also encourages your employees to comply with attendance policies.

Additionally, since time attendance access control systems are generally integrated with the payroll system, there are smaller chances for an employee to cheat their results. All of this inadvertently results in better attendance and performance, which is one of the biggest help you can get from this system as an organization.


Time attendance access control system is a form of access control system that notes the time of the record while providing entry to the authorized personnel. As with any other access control system, this system is generally installed at the entry point of an organization or an area. There is no doubt that there are benefits of the time attendance access control system such as enhanced security, it also allows you to record the attending time of your employees.

This side benefit further evolves into other forms of perks such as an automated and accurate payroll, improvement of productivity, efficient tracking of employee attendance and more.

In the end, we hope you found this helpful and interesting. If you want to know more about access systems and networking devices such as access network switches and more, do check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Time Attendance Systems

Q: What are the benefits of time and attendance systems?

A: The benefits of time and attendance systems are that it helps us track the attendance of our employees, simplify payrolls, and improve productivity in our workspace.

Q: What is the purpose of time and attendance?

A: Time and attendance systems (T&A) systems are used to track the time when employees start and stop their work.

Q: What is the importance of the attendance system?

A: Attendance system is important because it helps an employer check the overall performance of an employee by tracking their clock in and clock out hour.

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