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In today's digital age, businesses rely heavily on their computer network for day-to-day operations. As such business needs to have an efficient network infrastructure. A network switch is one of the key components of network infrastructure in a business. These network components allow businesses to connect computers and other network-enabled devices to share data, resources and applications.

But the question here is – what is a network switch , and how do they benefit business?

In this blog, we will dive into these two questions and give you an overall gist of a network switch and its benefit in business settings.

So without any further ado, let's get started!

Before we begin, do note that Network Switch and Access Network are not the same. If you want to know more about Access Network Switch, we have a blog ready for you.

What is a Network Switch?

a network switch

A network switch is a device that connects two devices in a network, enabling them to exchange data and resources. This device operates at a data link layer (layer 2) and open system interconnection model (OSI). It is designed to forward data packets between the devices through their unique MAC (media access control) address.

A network switch can connect multiple devices to create a local area network (LAN). In addition, a network switch can also operate at the network layers (Layer 3).

How does a network switch work?

In simple terms, a network switch connects two or more devices in a computer network and directs traffic between them. The network switch examines the destination MAC address of the packet from the sender and compares it to the internal MAC address. This is done to determine which port to forward the data packet to. If the switch has the MAC address of the destination port, it simply forwards the data packet.

If the switch does not have an entry in its MAC address table for the destination MAC address, it will forward the data packet to all the connected ports except the sender.

This process is known as flooding. During this process, the switch will learn the MAC address of the destination port once it responds.

By selectively forwarding the data packets, a network switch helps improve the network performance. It also helps to reduce network congestion when compared to a hub. Additionally, the network switches divides the network into multiple virtual LANs (VLANs. This provides an additional layer of security and enable better network management!

Now that we know the basics of a network switch and how it works, let's talk about its benefits to a business.

How does a network switch benefit a business?

networ switch and cables

One of the core benefits of a network switch in a business is its ability to direct data across the network. These devices are designed to prioritize traffic. It also enables the switches to information quickly while avoiding network congestion. This further increases the efficiency of data transfer and reliability.

Another perk of network switches in a business is their ability to secure data transmission. This is done by allowing only the authorized to access sensitive systems and or resources.

Besides this, network switches' other benefits on business settings are as follows.

Improved Network performance

A network switch improves a business's network performance by reducing network congestion, improving bandwidth utilization and minimizing network collisions. A network switch can selectively forward data packets to the device that needs them. By directing traffic more efficiently, a network can better use the available bandwidth. This essentially allows more data to be transferred within a business's work in a short period.

All of these improve the network performance. It also helps a business to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve collaboration among the employees.

Better security

network switch and dables

Implementing a network switch in a business divides the network traffic into smaller VLANs. This isolates the traffic between different departments, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. And we all know what this means – increase security. But the security of network switches is not just limited to these either. They filter traffic based on source, MAC address, and IP address. This further allows the switch to block unwanted traffic and prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Additionally, many network switches also support encryption protocols and VPNs. These further secure the network traffic and protect against unwanted access to the business data.

Cost savings

Besides providing improved network performance and better security, a network switch also saves the cost for a business. It essentially reduces network downtime. This ensures a more reliable and stable network infrastructure and reduces productivity loss. A network switch also improves the network efficiency and reduces the on-site support. Furthermore, a network switch can support many devices and is easier to scale. This saves the cost of setting up a new network with the progress of the business.

By improving the network reliability, efficiency, and scalability of a business, a network switch can help a business to reduce network costs.

Centralized Management

people in a meeting

A network switch can be managed centrally. This makes it easier to monitor and control the network within your business. By enabling centralized management, a network switch allows you to remotely monitor network settings. Additionally, a network switch provides visibility into network traffic. This allows the admins to identify potential issues before they become major problems. One feature of network switches is that they can be configured with templates. This feature allows the admins to recognize and reduce the risk of configuration errors and security breaches.

They can also be configured with Quality of Services (QoS) policies prioritizing network traffic. This further allows critical applications to receive network congestion.

Better Reliability

A network switch can increase the reliability of a business in many ways. It reduces redundancy within the network. This is done by ensuring that the network remains operational even if the specific components in a network fail. These devices direct traffic more efficiently, reduce network congestion, and improve network speed.

The device provides more visibility into network traffic and can be configured with security and Quality of Service (QoS). This allows a business to reduce network congestion, identify potential issues, and reduce the risk of security breaches.


In an era where businesses rely heavily on networks, network switches are integral. They improve network performance, provide better security, ensure cost effectiveness, and improve the scalability of the business. With features such as (QoS) and VLANs, network switches can help businesses meet their changing networking needs as they grow and expand.

A network switch is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to improve network performance and increase its overall productivity.

We hope you found this helpful. If you want to satisfy your curiosity regarding fire extinguishers, network devices, and safety devices, do check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Network Switches

Q: What is a network switch used for?

A: A network switch allows two or more IT devices to communicate.

Q: What are the three main functions of a network switch?

A: The three functions of a network switch are learning, forwarding, and preventing layer two switching loops.

Q: What are the types of network switches?

A: The five main types of network switches are: 

  • Managed Switch 
  • Modular Switch 
  • Unmanaged Switch 
  • Stackable Switch
  • PoE Switch

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