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Network Rack & Server Rack in Nepal:

A network rack is a metal enclosure framed chassis which accommodates, holds, stacks, organizes, secures and protects various types of network hardware devices related to network infrastructures and servers. The term network indicates the network equipment's to be installed and rack indicates to the metal chassis which helps us to manage our network cables, patch panels, cable managers, power distribution unit and network switches, routers, mid seized servers, KVM switches, network recorders, audio recorders, satellite network servers etc.

Types of Network Rack:

Open Frame Rack:

Wall Mounted Rack

Enclosed Floor Standing Rack:

Like the types of network rack we discussed above. The rack have different sizes and shapes. Usually network rack size starts from 4U to 42 U or they can also be customized according to the place to be installed or applications-device to be installed inside them.

First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading importer, suppliers & integrators of different types of network rack in Nepal. First Aid Nepal is best known for its global renowned brands like Linkbasic, Vivanco, and MTS Infonet etc. First Aid Nepal has supplied more then 10000+ network racks of different sizes in various projects across the territory of Nepal. We are now know to be the most reliable importers, wholesalers and suppliers of Network Racks in Nepal. We are trusted name in Network Rack segments in Nepal.

Author: Mr. Amod Khatiwada: Electronics & Communication Engineer

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