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What are Network Racks and Cabinets?

Network Racks and Cabinets are simple metal frames chassis used to hold, stack, organize, secure and protect various network and server hardware. For those unaware, they are an essential piece of hardware in any surveillance and security system as these frames house network hardware such as routers, switches and modems.

What are the types of Network Racks and Cabinets?

Although there can be any number of network racks and cabinets since you can customize them as per your need, the network racks generally are categorized into six primary types. They are:

  • Server Racks

  • Open Frame Racks 

  • 2Post 

  • Transport Racks

  • Portable Racks

  • Wall Mount Racks

These racks have their specialties and are used for their functions. That said, it is always good to know where to purchase high-grade linkbasic network racks in Nepal so that regardless of which one you use, there will be no issue in Networking. If you need such network racks and cabinets, then First Aid Nepal is the best place in Nepal. 

Why First Aid Nepal for Network Racks and Cabinets?

First Aid Nepal is one of the biggest importers and distributors of Nepal's home surveillance and security systems. We provide you with high grade and safe network racks and cabinets at an affordable price. Furthermore, our experts are also here to guide you on maintenance methods and directions of use. First Aid Nepal is the perfect place to purchase network racks and cabinets in Nepal for all these reasons. 

Buy Best Network Racks and Cabinets Online in Nepal- First Aid Nepal

Organize your network cables and buy the best Network Racks and Cabinets Online in Nepal, only at First Aid Nepal. Sturdy racks with built-in Network switch ports for easy integration into any home or office network. Regardless of your network's needs, keep it organized and well maintained. Whenever you buy Best Network Racks and Cabinets from First Aid Nepal, we dispatch network experts to install and solve your network needs! 

Price of Network Racks and Cabinets Online in Nepal

Network Racks and Cabinets are not just structures for your Network Switches; they are pillars for all your network cable organizations. Depending on your needs, you can filter out prices of Network Racks and Cabinets at your convenience. Our price ranges from Npr 495 to Npr 1,24,000 with a wide range of products from global brands such as Linkbasic and Infonetics. The cost of Network Racks and Cabinets will vary depending on the size, functionality, and brand. Regardless of this, you can be assured that you will get the best bang for your buck on purchasing Network Racks and Cabinets online in Nepal at First Aid Nepal.

List of Network Racks and Cabinets at First Aid Nepal

Buy the best and cheapest racks and cabinets only at First Aid Nepal for affordable, safe and well managed network system. Following is the list of Network Racks and Cabinets at First Aid Nepal.

Network Racks and Cabinets in First Aid Nepal


Wall Mount 2U, 4U, 6U, 9U Network Rack

Npr 9,025

42U Network Server Rack

Npr 1,24,000

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