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In this growing age of technology, every component in your network makes a difference. This extends to Network routers, Network switches, and PoE switches. And in the world of Networking devices, two companies have been competing with each other for a long time. These two companies are Dahua and Hikvision. We have already covered the battle between Dahua and Hikvision in the context of the CCTV surveillance system; now, we will talk about the battle between Dahua and Hikvision regarding PoE switches

But before we go deeper into the battle between Dahua PoE switches vs. Hikvision PoE switches, let's clarify the basics of this PoE switch first. 

Side note: If you want to see another comparison between Dahua and Hikvision, we have an article regarding the Dahua CCTV camera VS the Hikvision CCTV camera and we have another comparison between Dahua and Cisco Network Switches

What is a PoE switch?


The PoE devices are designed for reliability and built to last. Although the specific features of Dahua will depend on the model of the PoE Switch, the following are the common features shared by every Dahua PoE switches. 

1) Highly reliable Components

Every Dahua PoE Switch is built with highly reliable and durable components. The PoE switches from Dahua use switching chips, power supply units, and PSE chips from global leaders in power-supply and microchip developers leading to higher quality and reliability. 

2) Non-blocking Video Transmission

The video streaming in Dahua PoE switches is different from regular PoE devices as the flow control of the Dahua PoE switch is enabled by default. This enables buffering to ease the sudden data peak and smooth video stream, which enables clear video transmission. 

3) Highly Durable

Every Dahua network PoE switch is designed to be industry-grade and is built to taste under a high-stress environment. This durability of components makes the PoE switches perfect for industries that require durable networking devices and for regular households where you cannot keep a constant eye on the network switches. 

4) Video Pressure Test

Every PoE Switch from Dahua goes through a Video pressure test, ensuring that the switch can handle large amounts of video streams in video surveillance. Every batch of Dahua PoE switch passes through a high video Pressure test in a minimal 200 IP cameras test environment. Features of Hikvision PoE Switches

Now that we have covered the features of Dahua PoE Switches, it's time to talk about Hikvision PoE Switches. Similar to Dahua PoE  Switches, the specifics of Hikvision Network Switches will depend on the individual model and range. However, there are a few traits that all Hikvision PoE share. These Features are:

1) Power Surge Protection 

Every Hikvision PoE switch is designed with inbuilt power surge protections. This feature becomes handy if you live in an area with frequent power cuts or storms, and/or electric surges. This feature extends the lifespan of every Hikvision PoE Switches and lets your network run smoothly without any problem for up to 6kW of power surges. 

2) Long Distance Transmission

Hikvision PoE switch allows network transmission up to 300 meters which enlarges the networking range by a wide margin. With this enlarged transmission range from Hikvision PoE Switches, you can save cost and time without the hassle of additional network wiring. 

3) Hi-PoE Supply

Every Hikvision PoE switch allows up to 60 Watts or 90 Watts of power supply. Although this may not seem much, it is enough for most of the power-hungry network devices and essentially eliminates the requirement for additional power units. This makes your life more convenient and saves both time and money on installing additional power units. 

4) High Security and PoE Watchdog

Ever Hikvision PoE includes the option to use Physical authentication and one-click port installation for its security. In addition, Hikvision PoE Switches also feature the PoE Watchdog function allowing you to easily detect the area where the network failed and repair it easily. 

Price of Hikvision PoE switches and Dahua PoE Switches. 

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to prices, Dahua products are cheaper within the same price range, but they either lack the specs or features that the Hikvion has

You can buy Dahua products from a price range of a bit over Rs 5000 to over 31000. At the same time, the price range of Hikvisionstrats is from a little over Rs 5000 to over 39000

In other words, Dahua is a bit cheaper with fewer features, and Hikvision products are a bit expensive but come with additional features. 


What are the differences between Dahua and Hikvision PoE switches?

Source: Hikvision 

We have made a table to illustrate the differences between Dahua PoE switches and Hikvsion PoE switches. 




  • Highly Reliable Components

  • Non-blocking Video Transmission

  • Highly Durable

  • Video Pressure Test Qualified

  • Power Surge Protection

  • Long Distance Transmission 

  • Hi-PoE Supply

  • High Security and PoE Watchdog


Npr 5000 to Npr 31000 +

Npr 5000 to 39000+

Intended Use

Small to Mid Scale

Mid to Large Scale 

Where to buy Dahua PoE switches? 

You can buy the best Dahua, and Hikvision PoE switches from any reputed network shop or from the best wholesalers of network Surveillance systems in Nepal - First Aid Nepal. Some of the Dahua POE Switches we have in stock are: 

Where to buy Hikvision PoE switches?

Similar to Dahua PoE switches, you can buy the best Hikvision PoE switches from a reputed Networking ship around you or opt for First Aid Nepal, one of the best online shops for network solutions in Nepal. Some of the Hikvision PoE switches we have in stock are 


The answer to the question of Dahu PoE Switch vs. Hikvision PoE switch is - it depends on who you are and what you seek. If you want a robust PoE switch without many features at a lower price, then the Dahua PoE switch is perfect for you. At the same time, if you want a reliable PoE switch with advanced features and can afford to pay a bit more price, then you should go for Hikvision. 


Q: Is Dahua better than Hikvision?

A: Both Dahua and Hikvision are extremely similar, with Dahua opting for a price-high and reliability policy and Hikvision opting for more features and a slightly high price but still affordable policy.

Q: Is Dahua owned by the Chinese government?

A: Dahua or Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is partially stated and owned by the Chinese government. 

Q: Who owns Hikvision?

A: Hikvision is partially state-owned by Chinese asset supervision and partially by Chinese electronics Technology Group Corporation. 

Q: Who makes Hikvision?

A: Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., makes all Hikvision products. 

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