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Cisco Network Switch

The world is getting digital, and we are increasingly dependent on the network. Because of our dependency on Network, our dependency on Network switches is also constantly increasing. As such, we need them to be reliable. The good news is that we have many reliable and high-grade. Among these, the two names that stand out are Dahua Switches and Cisco Switch. But which one is better? 

But before we even talk about this comparison between Cisco Switch and Dahua Switch, what is a network switch?

What is a Network Switch?

These devices connect devices within a network and forward data packets to and from the said devices. This makes switches seem the same as your local LAN router, but that is not the case. The router connects to a wide range of devices from a single input source. However, a network switch connects only to one output port from multiple input ports. Now the device connected to a Network Switch is, frequently, a router. So, in layperson's terms, a network switch is a device that lets your router access the local area network (LAN). 

Now that we know what a network switch is, let's get into the main topic - 

Which Network Switch is better between Cisco Switch and Dahua Switches?

Network switches

The simple answer is - it depends on what you prefer from your switches. If you want advanced features and easy management in your network system, then you would find Cisco to be the best. On the other hand, if you don't mind features on the lower spectrum of highly advanced but need high reliability and reliance, then Dahua switches are the best for you. Both of these companies, along with Hikvision Network are well known for their security solutions and network solutions.

But this is probably why you are not here for. So let's take a detailed look at the differences between Cisco Switches and Dahua switches. 

Side note* If we have also made a comparison between Dahua CCTV camera and Hikvision CCTV Camera and given a brief explanation regarding why Dahua network and surveillance is one of the best. So if you are interested, you can give them a read as well. 


Comparing the features of is among the easiest way to differentiate between two brands. Although the base feature is essentially the same, there are a few aspects that make one brand stand out from another. So what are these features?

Feature of Dahua Network Switches

The key features of Dahua Switches are:

BT 90w (Red Port)

Dahua comply with the latest IEEE standards and can provide a 90W PoE output. This allows for devices with higher power requirements to operate directly from the device without an additional power supply. 

Long Range

Dahua Switches have a range of 250 meters, which is longer than the typical range of 100 meters. This feature of the Dahua network undoubtedly gives this device over others, at least in the context of network range. 

PD Alive

Dahua offers real-time monitoring of PD (Power Device) status. If a power device crashes, Dahua network switches can detect the failure and then restart the device. 

Intelligence Network Device

Every port in Dahua switches has a different priority. As such, should any problem be detected, the network switch can detect the problem to maintain the core operation of devices. 

Features of Cisco Network Switches

Cisco Network Switch

Source: Cisco

Some of the best and key features of Cisco Network are:


One of the key features of Cisco switches is that you can upgrade its devices rather easily. You can change parts of switches such as Ports, IOS, and RAM as you need and scale them to your desire. 


Another advantage of Cisco is that it is intuitive. Anyone with a slight technical knowledge can easily use Cisco. 

Multicast Handling

Multicast handling is a concept that is based on the concept of a single packet being sent by the main server to different reviewers. In layperson's words, Cisco allows one server to have multiple receivers. 

Advanced Features

Cisco are filled with an enterprise-class feature. These include features such as an advanced Firewall, VoIP, Intrusion detection system and more. 

Side note* Yes, every advanced feature of Cisco can be upgraded. 


If we are to compare the prices of Dahaua and Cisco, then Dahua are a lot more affordable. You can purchase Dahua Network switches from a price range of barely above Npr 900 to above Npr 15,000. 

On the other hand, the price range of Cisco varies widely from Npr 15,000 to above 1,00,000. Cisco generally have a reputation for being on the expensive range. However, this price is justified given that the network switches from this company are reliable and packed with advanced features, and you can upgrade every part of the switches. 

Still, if you are purely going by the price alone, then Cisco is probably not the best Network Switch for you.

Product Range

Dahua network switch

Source: Dahua

There is no winner in product range as both Cisco and Dahua have a wide range of products. The only difference is that the type of product each company provides is different.

The primary product range of Cisco is directed towards people who want highly advanced network switches and can afford the high price range. 

At the same time, the product range of Dahua is directed towards the average customer that requires durability and reliability without high specs from their network switches. 

So what are the exact differences?

The exact differences between Cisco and Cisco Network Switch are primarily based on the target audience/. Cisco are meant for organizations of all scales and/or highly professional individuals. At the same time,  Dahua is primarily meant for personal use and small organizations. 

That said, they are not exclusive to each other. 

The following are the difference between Dahua and Cisco. 




  • Red Port

  • Extended Range

  • PD Alive

  • Intelligence Network Device

  • Scalability

  • Intuitive

  • Multicast Handling

  • Advanced Features


Npr 900 to Npr 32000 +

Npr 15000 to 1,00,000+

Intended Use

Small to Mid Scale

Mid to Large Scale 

Product Example

So which one is better?

The honest answer is that it depends on who you are and your requirements. If you are an average person and require network switches for regular home use without many devices, then you are better off with Dahua products. Although low-end switches from Cisco will still be in your budget range, they will still be more than what you need for your home. Dahua is reliable, efficient and affordable.

On the other hand, if you are an organization requiring scalable network switches that you can upgrade, you should opt for Cisco, as high-end Cisco products generally have better specs. 

Now that you know what the differences between Cisco and Dahua Network Switches are, the question, or in our case, the questions now, are - 

Where to buy Cisco switch in Nepal?

You can buy Cisco Switch in renowned networks and IT shops in Nepal. Along with this, if you are busy or unable to visit physical shops, then you can buy the best Cisco Network switch in Nepal from First Aid Nepal. Some of the Cisco Switches that you can buy at First Aid Nepal are:

And what about Dahaua?

Where to buy a Dahua switch in Nepal?

The answer is practically the same since you can buy the best Dahua Switches from IT shops and from First Aid Nepal at the best price. Some prime examples of the best Dahua Switch that you can buy from First Aid Nepal are: 

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: Which Cisco switch is best?

A: It depends on what you are looking for, but in terms of pure specs, Cisco switches are among the best ones. 

Q: What are the four types of network switches?

A: The Four types of network switches are:

  • Managed Switches

  • Modular

  • Unmanaged Switches

  • Stackable

Q: How do I choose a network switch?

A: Before you choose a network switch, you will need to consider the bandwidth, connectivity, power, range and price.

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