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Dahua Surveillance System

Dahua is one of the leading figure in surveillance and networking systems, according to an Omdia 2021 report. With over 1700 patents filed and more than 6000 R&D professionals, it is all but guaranteed that products from this surveillance system company meet international standards. The expertise of Dahua in manufacturing and designing video surveillance and networking products for professional use is unprecedented. It remains at the top of the food chain to this date. As such, Dahua has continuously provided us with the best surveillance solutions for the past two decades. 

Indeed Dahua Surveillance System is one of the best in the world - but

What is a surveillance system?

In layman's term surveillance system is a network of devices you can use to monitor the surroundings. This is the core of the surveillance system. Still, you can add an alarm system along with the primary surveillance system to notify you of any anomalies within the detection range of the surveillance system.

In other words, the surveillance system is a combination of devices in a network that aids you in monitoring a specific area so that you can keep a record of activities and events in the said area. This includes devices such as Network IP Camera, CCTV Camera, Network Video Recorder, Smoke and Fire detection system, motion detectors, and more.

What is the function of the Surveillance System?

From these two definitions, we can quickly determine the surveillance system's function. As you may have guessed, the primary purpose is to keep the area under your surveillance, deter vandalism, and be prepared for quick actions during a crisis. Some of the primary functions of Surveillance camera systems are:

Providing protection

People install protection systems to protect themselves from vandalism such as theft, robbery, trespassing and other such activities. Although Dahua camera systems do not guarantee that these acts of vandalism will not happen, they can act as a deterrence. 

Reports show that areas with security systems experience 30% fewer criminal activities than the ones without. In a global context, this is a big margin for crime reduction. 

Monitoring resources 

As the name suggests, Dahua security camera systems can also monitor resources. The resources can be anything from human resources, i.e., employees, to physical resources. The point is that by installing a surveillance system, you can keep a close watch on your employees and your organization's materials. 

Keeping records

Another primary function of surveillance camera systems is to keep records of the data. That said, the data will vary depending on the type of surveillance system used. For instance, the CCTV surveillance system will record audio/visual data. In contrast, heat and smoke detectors will keep records regarding the temperature and smoke density of the specified area. 

Resolving both legal and casual disputes

This surveillance system function is directly related to the function of keeping records. Simply put, the data from security systems can be used as imperative proof of an event to resolve or aid in resolving disputes, be they casual or legal.

React Quickly

When you install security systems, you will have access to the data. Although you can access the records at a later date, most of the security systems provide a live flow of data, giving you constant access to the general overview of the area remotely. Should any crisis occur, you can notice them quicker and react quickly. This function can be enhanced by adding alarm systems along with security camera systems. 

Although security systems have many other functions, the four functions mentioned here are at the core of them. From this, you can already guess how important having a surveillance system is. The question you may have now is, "Which surveillance system can fulfil all my requests?". Well, if you have read up to this point, you should already know that our answer will be- 

Dahua's surveillance system is here to fulfil all your security needs! 

As we mentioned earlier, Dahua is among the global leaders in the realm of the surveillance system. Dahua has a wide range of surveillance products and a global presence with an average annual revenue of RMB $24.6 Billion which should hint at how successful this brand of security systems is. Furthermore, Dahua has a wide range of products designed to ensure a high level of security surveillance in your home, your organization and any area of your choice. Some of the key Dahua surveillance products designed for your security are:

These accessories from Dahua ensure that you can access the best security and surveillance regardless of where you use the security systems. That said, a wide range of companies and brands provide you with the same product range from Dahua - like Hikvision. So why choose Dahua? 

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But Why Should You Choose Dahua?

There are many reasons why you should choose Dahua surveillance system. While some of the reasons why you should choose the Dahua brand for your security systems are rather obvious, some may not be a bit harder to notice. Let's take a look at the primary reasons why you should choose Dahua surveillance system. 


One of the primary reasons why you should choose Dahua systems is that they are extremely durable. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed a security system that can last for years. 


Along with the durability, another reason why you should choose the Dahua surveillance system is its price. Although Dahua systems are among the best, they are affordable, and you can get one regardless of your budget. 

Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP)

DHOP, or Dahua Hardware Open Platform, is an open application platform that allows third-party applications to be downloaded and installed on Dahua IP Cameras and most of the other compatible Dahua Security Systems. 

Predictive Focus Algorithm (PFA)

Dahua PFA provides a method to achieve high-precision focus during zooming. With these technologies, you can get the best quality video. 

Naturally, these features are far from the only parts that make Dahua camera systems special and why you should choose them. But they do cover the overall gist of why you should choose Dahua security camera  systems. Now the only question is-

Where to BuyDahua Networking and Surveillence Systems in Nepal?

The most obvious answer to this is naturally from First Aid Nepal. We are among the best wholesalers and distributors of Dahua security camera systems in Nepal. First Aid Nepal is direct importer and dealer of Dahua Products in Nepal, so they sell reliable and authentic Dahua products at reasonable price. Call us today at +977-9860701963 for more details.


Dahua is one of the world's best brands and companies for networking and camera systems. This organization is known for producing high-quality surveillance and networking systems designed to provide you with enhanced security and a better ability to monitor your surroundings with a wide range of surveillance products. 

We hope you found this interesting and helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: Is Dahua a good brand?

A: Yes, Dahua is indeed a good brand. In fact, Dahua is one of the best brands for networking and Security systems globally. 

Q: Is Dahua better than Hikvision?

A: If we compare the specs, Hikvision products are better than Dahua but have a higher price margin. Dahua is cheaper and has lower specs but has advanced features. So both of these companies have their own advantages and disadvantages and overall are about equal. 

Q: Is Dahua made in China?

A: Yes, the Dahua surveillance system is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in, China. 

Q: Who uses Dahua cameras?

A: Anyone in need of security can use Dahua Cameras. 

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