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Fire is an integral aspect of human life, as without it, we could not have evolved from our primitive state. That said, fire is also one of the most dangerous materials, as it can easily burn away almost everything. This is where First Aid Nepal comes into play. We are one of the best wholesalers and distributors of fire safety equipment in Nepal, and as such, we provide you with the best fire safety equipment at an affordable price. 

Along with providing Fire safety equipment, we excel at providing the best network and video surveillance systems in Nepal. We understand that surveillance is an integral aspect of modern life, and dangers can come at any time. That said, keeping your surroundings monitored is easier said than done. At First Aid Nepal, we understand this very well, which is why we provide you with the best Surveillance systems from the best brands at an affordable price. 

So Who is First Aid Nepal? First Aid Nepal is one of the best wholesalers and distributors of the best Fire safety equipment and video surveillance equipment in Nepal.

What can I buy from First Aid Nepal? 

As you may have guessed from who we are, you can buy the best fire safety equipment along with video surveillance equipment at an affordable price. This includes but is not limited to equipment like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, different forms of video surveillance systems, and alarm and networking equipment. 

Following are the types of equipment that you can buy here.

Fire Safety Equipment 

As we mentioned earlier, fire safety equipment is one of our primary concerns, and as such, you can buy a wide range of safety equipment from First Aid Nepal at an affordable price. The fire safety equipment that you can buy are:

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are portable devices that discharge a fire extinguishing agent to put out the fire. We provide you with fire extinguishers from globally renowned brands such as SFFECO, SRI, Eversafe, and Firehunt.

Fire Alarms

As their name suggests, fire alarms are devices that notify you of a fire. They do this by detecting the change in temperature and increase in smoke particles of both within a given set of areas. You can buy the best Fire Alarm Systems from well-known brands such as Ravel, Agni, and System Sensor. 

Fire Hydrants 

These are fire safety systems that provide rapid access to water during the case of fire. These stems generally consist of a pipework and a hose system directly connected to a water supply. First Aid Nepal provides you with fire hydrant systems from renowned companies such as SFFECO, SRI, Fire Hunt, and Eversafe.

Video Surveillence System

This category of equipment at First Aid Nepal includes a network of cameras, displays, and recorders. The cameras can be either analog, digital, or a hybrid mix. So what types of Video Surveillance Systems can you buy? They are:

Surveillance Cameras

This is a group of equipment that includes a both analog and digital camera that captures the movement within the target areas. At First Aid Nepal, you can buy the following types of surveillance cameras:

  • IP CCTV Camera: A camera system that records video footage and sends the recording over the network 

  • Analog HDCVI Cameras: Surveillance Camera System that records the video footage and stores it on a Digital Hard Drive

  • Wireless CCTV Cameras: Wireless video surveillance system that records the video and sends the data to the recording system without the need for wires. 

Video recorders

These are specialized computers that store the video storage systems sent by the cameras connected to the video surveillance systems. You can buy the following types of video recorders at First Aid Nepal. 

You can buy the best surveillance cameras and video recorders from global brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, and UNIVIEW. 

Network Video Recorders

NVR or Network Video Recorders for Short are computers that are specifically designed to record and store the video footage sent by surveillance cameras over the network. The videos are stored in physical mediums such as hard drives, flash drives, or different from of SD drives. 


Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and XVR are used for recording and processing analog and digital video signals into a physical device. The difference between DVR and XVRT is that DVR is used to record and process HD analog or SD analog securities, while XVR can record and display signals from HD and IP cameras.

Networking Equipments

Besides the Fire security and Video surveillance systems, you can also buy other forms of networking equipment from First Aid Nepal. These equipment are:

POE Network Switch

POE (Power Over Ethernet) Network Switch is a type of network hub that transmits electrical signals using the power over ethernet technology and allows the devices to communicate using remotely powered devices. 

Access Network Switch. 

These are types of network switch hardware that connect the access layer of the networks with subnets that are integrated with access devices like routers, IP devices, and monitoring panels. 

Wireless Network Points 

A wireless Network Access Points or wireless AP is a device that transmits and receives signals over a wireless local area Network. This device is generally connected to a router, switch, or other forms of internet hub. 

Network Racks and Cabinets 

These are racks and cabinets that are designed to organize and protect components associated with Networks, which include but are not limited to Network switches and wireless network points. 

Telephone EPABX system

EPABX is a network switching system that helps you to connect all the phones in an area together and enables both the internal and external switching functions of an organization. 

Networking Accessories

These include miscellaneous equipment such as patch cords, face plates, patch panels, power distribution cables, and network panels. 

You can buy the best networking devices from well-known brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, UNIVIEW, and Cisco at an affordable price from First Aid Nepal.

Other Security Equipments

Besides the ones we mentioned earlier, you can also buy other types of security equipment. These security equipment include:

Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion Alarm Systems are systems that are designed to monitor and detect unauthorized access to an area or a building. These alarm systems are often connected to video surveillance systems and/or access control systems. 

Access Control and Time Attendance System

Access Control and Time Attendance Systems are the systems that record, monitor, and control access to a building or a system through multitudes of means such as biometrics, passwords, and two-factor authentication. 

Personnal Protection systems

A personal protection system consists of equipment that protects you from physical harm and includes equipment like Safety Anchorage, harnesses, safety shoes, and safety helmets.

In The End

First Aid Nepal is among the best wholesalers and distributors of fire safety, video surveillance, network, and personal safety equipment in Nepal. It provides you with the best equipment from the best brands at an affordable price. 

At First Aid Nepal, you can buy the best equipment at the best prices and at your convenience.


Q: Who is First Aid Nepal?

A: First Aid Nepal is a safety and networking distribution center that provides you with the best surveillance, networking, and safety products at the best price.

Q: What can you buy at First Aid Nepal?

A: You can buy the best fire safety, video surveillance, networking, and safety equipment at the best price.

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