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Fire Fighters Suits & Fire Fighting Tools Importance: First Aid Nepal.

As we know, in every fire disaster, we need the help of firefighters to extinguish the fire and rescue the people or animals trapped in the disaster area. Firefighters are the first line of defense in firefighting and rescuing hostages in fire disaster areas.

During any kind of fire disaster, firefighters are at direct risk of heat, toxic fumes and gases, sharp objects, uneven grounds, slippery surfaces, and exposure to different kinds of chemicals, biological fluids, split chemicals, and electricity.

Therefore, in case of any fire disaster, firefighters need fire fighting uniforms or firefighter suits to provide the best fire protection services. Firefighting suits are also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or simply fire suits.

Fire Fighting Suits Consists of following equipment's:

A. Fire Fighting Suits Fabris & Material

A firefighter's suit, or tunic, is made from fire-resistant synthetic fabric that can retain its structural strength when exposed to fire or flames. The fabric can also resist normal cuts and tears during firefighting or rescue operations. These suits are made with different layers that provide excellent protection without exacerbating the metabolic heat stress of the firefighting and rescue personnel engaged in disaster areas.

The fire suits are designed to enable excellent flexibility, and their collars have long zippers to ensure complete closure of the suits and jackets up to the neck level of the firefighter. The fire suit can deliver an excellent level of thermal protection with a light to medium weight during wear.

Price of Fire Fighting Suits in Nepal:

> The price of firefighting suits starts at a minimum of Rs. 65,000 and can go up to Rs. 2,20,000 depending on the fabric used.

We hope this information is useful in helping you understand more about firefighting suits. If you are interested in learning about other elements related to firefighting, such as fire hydrants, fire alarms, and more, you can check our blog section for meaningful insights.

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