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Importance Of Fire Hydrant System-FHS in Building and Large Premises like Factory:

Incase of a Fire Disaster or and Emergency Situation we need different types of tools to control or fight against fire from being an devastating disaster. Fire Extinguishers are the first tools which we can use to control the fire when its burning small.. We can also use the source of water which is natural & Common process if fire goes out of control. But, in case we found that there is uncontrolled fire disaster and we can control it with the extinguishers or the source of water we have-We require to call the safety dipartment & neares fire brigade with fire truck and Fire Fighters.

Fire Hydrant System:FHS

Fire Hydrant system is one of the most famous and oldest and effective method  on Fire Fighting.It has now became a common fire fighting solution in present. The Fire Hydrant system installed on the building or industries or the disaster  plays the vital role during fire fighting. With aboundant source of water and inbuild pump house with braided hose pipes and sprinklers fire hydrant  can also be taken as fixed fire fighting system or Fire Depart inside a building or Industrial Premises. A fire hydrant is a pipeline construction very useful on fire disaster. It consists of itw own Fire Pump, Reserved Water tank with thousands or  millions of water liters and Landing Valve with Stand Post and Fire Hose Pipe and Hosereels. A well engineered Fire Hydrant can be very usefull on fire disaster which can save the property and the lives as well as investment.

Fire Hydrant System Consists of Following Major Accessories:

Fire Pump

Fire Hose Pipe

Fire Hosereel

Nozzles & Gun Metals 

Fire Sprinklers

Fire Brigade Connections

Landing Valve

Butterfly Valve

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