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What is the Fire Alarm System?

A Fire Alarm System simply means any device used to warn people of excessive smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies. The system is quite simple - you have a smoke, temperature, carbon monoxide, or other sensors connected to an alarm system. 

When the sensors are triggered, it signals a central monitoring system that starts the alarm. You can connect a fire alarm system to a sprinkler system for basic and immediate fire safety as well. Although the basic material used in a sprinkler system is water, it can be changed to release a carbon-dioxide type fire extinguisher agent or ABC Fire-type fire extinguishing agent based on the location it is installed in.

Since fire is an unpredictable danger, you need a fire alarm system and a fire extinguishers for safety purpose. So, it is always a good idea to have a fire alarm system a trustworthy suppliers and distributors such as First Aid Nepal.

What are the Types of Fire Alarm systems?

There are three primary types of fire alarm systems. They are ionization, photoelectric, and combination types of fire alarm systems.

  • Photoelectric fire alarm system: Photoelectric is used to send a beam of light into the chamber away from the light sensor to detect the fire. When smoke enters the beam of light and disrupts the signal, it triggers the fire alarm system. This is best used for smoke detection and smoldering-type fires.

  • Combination  fire alarm system: A combination fire alarm is the combination of both ionization and photoelectric fire detection technology. Since this is the jack of all trades, each part of this combination fire detection system has its functionality reduced, however when combined with the other, they work great.

Why Choose First Aid Nepal for Fire Alarm System in Nepal?

First Aid Nepal is one of the biggest Importers, suppliers, and distributors of home security measures in Nepal. Therefore, we provide only the highest grade materials that meet international standards, including fire alarm systems. If you intend to buy the best fire alarm system at an affordable price in Nepal, who would you place your trust on - a safety brand with international standard products or a random store?

List of Fire Alarm System below Npr 3,000 at First Aid Nepal

Fire alarm systems are some of the best ways to warn people of the impending danger of fire in a building. Luckily, you can buy the best fire alarm system in Nepal at extremely cheap price at First Aid Nepal. Following is the list of fire alarm systems that costs less than Npr 3000, only at First Aid Nepal

Cheapest Fire Alarm System in First Aid Nepal


Response Indicator

Npr 500

Manual Call Point: Fire Alarm System ABS Type

Npr 1,500

Manual Call Point MCP-RE-716 MR

Npr 1,500

Conventional System \ Detectors \ AS-604-SD

Npr 2,260

Conventional System Heat Detectors \ AS-605-HD/NA

Npr 2,260

Manual Call Point-(MCP) Break Glass

Npr 1,710

Stand Alone Detector With External Sounder.

Npr 2,250

Smoke Detector Conventional Type: RE 316S-2L

Npr 2500

Conventional Heat Detector: RE 316H-2L

Npr 2500

System Sensor Conventional Smoke Detector

Npr 2,500

Conventional Type Heat Detectors-System Sensor

Npr 2,500

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