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By this point, we all know how dangerous fire is. It is one of those few things that have been a constant part of our life since ancient times and is a symbol of peace and destruction. Let's be honest here; regardless of how much we admire fire, we also fear them. They can start from seemingly anywhere, and if we panic too much, they can spread quickly. 

All a fire needs are adequate heat, some materials to burn, and oxygen. Once these three conditions are met, it will burn even if the material is seemingly inflammable rock.

Knowing fire safety tips is important; they can save your life during emergencies. That said, the most important thing during a fire is to remain calm. If you cannot remain calm during a fire, regardless of how many tips you know, they will not be useful. 

Fire Safety Tips that could potentially save your life

Just because you can remain calm doesn't mean that your fire safety will be guaranteed. However, remaining calm will help you make logical decisions, increasing your chances of being safe. Along with this, knowing some fire safety measures can help you prevent fires in the first place. Additionally, knowing some fire safety measures can save your life even if you get caught in a fire. 

So, without any further ado, let's get started! 

1) Install Smoke Detectors/ smoke alarm

Installing smoke detectors/ smoke alarm is one of the best and primary fire safety tips you can implement in your home and office. This is because the primary job of smoke and fire detectors is to detect the fire and smoke within the range of the devices. Although the general range of a detector is typically a room, it is easy to connect multiple detectors and cover an entire building.

That said, regardless of if you use conventional type heat and smoke detectors or modern ones, unless you have them connected to a sprinkler system, they will not put off the fire. Their primary job is to detect the rise in temperature or smoke particles and sound the alarm. While this will not prevent the fire, it will give you a few crucial seconds to escape or take other organizational and home fires. 

2) Install Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the enemy of small fires and one of the best fire prevention measures you can take. As soon as you know there is a fire; you can use fire extinguishers to kill the fire if it is still small or manageable. Even if the fire is moderately spread, you can contain it using the right fire extinguishers. 

Therefore, installing fire extinguishers is one of the best fire safety tips for you. That said, you need to be careful regarding the class of fire extinguishers you install since using the wrong fire can expand the fire rather than extinguishing the fire. Therefore it is not just about installing fire extinguishers but rather installing the right type of fire extinguisher in the right place. For instance you cannot use water in a fire that require ABC type fire extinguisher. Naturally, you naturally need to know all about fire extinguishers in Nepal. If you are confused about this, you can contact us let us know about your confusion. Our fire safety experts are here to guide you on the proper process and fire extinguisher to install in your building to ensure the highest fire safety standard.

3) Check Electrical Safety

electrical safety for fire safety

In hindsight, we are in the modern era, and there are only a few things that can cause fires. We do not need to worry about the actual fire spreading and causing fires. However, electricity and flammable gas are just about the only things that we need to worry about. The thing is, not everybody uses flammable gas. 

So electricity becomes our primary cause of the house fires. The sad part is that it is easy to start a fire with electricity. All one needs to do is put some flammable material near an electrical socket to create a fire hazard. Therefore, while dealing with electrical components, always be wary of:

  • Hot electrical devices

  • Smokes from electrical devices

  • Loose electrical connections 

  • Buzzing sounds from electrical connections 

  • Frayed wires 

  • Liquids near electrical sockets

Every single one of these things can cause a spark and start a fire. This is because an electrical spark is extremely hot; if it lands on any flammable material such as a cloth or paper, it can start a fire. Therefore being wary of electrical components is one of the most basic and best fire safety tips you can implement. Moreover, while taking electrical services in Nepal, ensure that the electrician is experienced and professional.

Being wary of electricity is one of the best fire prevention methods for the urban areas. 

4) Flammable Gas Safety

Flammable Gas is a major fire hazard in urban areas. While the fires caused by flammable gas are somewhat lower than the electrical fires, they are abrupt and more deadly. The primary reason why fires from flammable gas are rare is that, unlike electrical fires, they are easy to detect. 

If you smell something funny, you know there is flammable gas leakage. Since it has a unique metallic smell, you probably know what flammable gas smells like. If you smell such a smell, do not light anything and turn off all the lights. Open the ventilation right away and find the source of the gas. If you can turn off the source, then do it. If not, leave the room and call the professionals. 

If you are confused regarding why I asked you to shut off all the electrical switches, it is because of two primary reasons. 

  1. A small spark can start an explosion

  2. Electric lights can get hot enough to ignite the flammable gas. 

Knowing these few kitchen safety/ flammable gas safety tips can be the difference between being safe or getting caught in an explosion.

5) Make an escape plan

escape plan for fire safety

Making an escape plan is more of a precaution you must implement whenever you visit a new place. The gist of this fire safety tip is rather simple. 

Since fire can occur anywhere and at any time, you simply take note of the fire exits and pathways that are less likely to be crowded so that you can make a smooth escape if a fire ever happens. That said, making an escape plan is not exclusive to fire safety. 

These same tips can be implemented during chaos and panic as well. If you know the escape routes, you will increase your survival chances regardless of the disaster. Furthermore, if you are with your friends or loved ones, knowing the escape plan might just be the difference between the survival of the entire group during a fire or any other disaster. 

6) Stop Drop and Roll

Suppose you got caught on fire; what should you do? 

We understand that it is an extremely frightening thought to imagine yourself alive on fire, but should it ever happen, the best choice is to stop, drop and roll. 

Stop whatever you are doing, drop down to the ground, cover your nose and mouth and then roll back and forth. Once the fire is put out, call for help and immediately start cooling down the burns and first aid treatment. 

Do not Jump into water bodies. As tempting as it sounds, if you are on fire, you will likely have burn wounds, and jumping on any random bodies of water will introduce the bacteria into your wound, making recovery much harder. 

7) Door safety

dor safety for fire safety

Opening a door should be the easiest thing to do but not when it comes to fire safety. The good news is that door safety is relatively simple. All you need to do is be careful while touching the door and prepared to take immediate action once you open the door. 

Let us explain. If there is a fire, things can get incredibly hot. Since most of the door handles are made from metal or other heat-conducting materials, they can also get quite hot. We do not need to tell you what would happen if you touched these hot door handles. Furthermore, you can never be sure of the situation on the other side of the door either. 

If the other side of the door is filled with fire or smoke, be prepared to shut the door immediately and find another route. 


Regardless of how prepared and knowledgeable, you are, the core element of everything we have said so far is to remain calm. If you remain calm, you can make a logical decision and implement some of the fire safety tips we mentioned here. If not, then you can easily be stuck or be caught unprepared. 

Fire is beautiful and scary at the same time. While you are free to admire its ghostly beauty, you should also be wary of its risk and be respectful regarding fire safety. The good news for you is that First Aid Nepal is here to provide you with the best fire safety products and fire safety  counselling for you! 

We hope you found our tips about basic fire safety helpful.

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