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What is a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers, in simple words, are fire safety tools that are used to put out different fires during emergencies. Although fire extinguishers cannot prevent fires from occurring, they can prevent the fire from getting larger if used properly and on time. The risk of a fire is always there, despite how minuscule it is. Whatsoever, First Aid Nepal one of the best Fire Extinguishers shop in Kathmandu are always there to prevent you and your home from being exposed to this risk.

What are the types of Fire Extinguishers?

There is a wide range of Fire extinguisher types in Nepal. Depending on their portability, fire extinguishing agents, and classes of fire they can be used in, you have both multipurpose and single-use fire extinguishers. Among them, ABC dry powder is one of the most popular and versatile fire extinguishers in Nepal. If you want to get the best quality and variety of fire extinguisher, buy a fire extinguisher at best price in Nepal from First Aid Nepal.

Why First Aid Nepal for Fire Extinguishers?

As our name states, we provide first aid to all your home security, including fire. To ensure this, First Aid Nepal provides you with only high-quality fire extinguishers that have passed the international grade tests. This includes fire extinguishers from world-renowned brands like SRI and Indian Shoot from Vimal Corporation. If used properly, we can guarantee that the fire extinguisher we provide will give immediate first aid against all forms of fire hazards.

So if you are searching for the best fire extinguishers in Nepal online, First Aid Nepal is the choice for you to buy fire extinguishers at a cheap price in Kathmandu, Nepal of a high quality. Furthermore, you can visit us or make online purchases for the same high-quality fire extinguisher. We are #1 fire extingusher shop in Kathmandu.

Buy Best Fire Extinguishers Online in Nepal- First Aid Nepal

First Aid Nepal - is the best place to buy Fire Extinguishers at Best Price in Nepal. Keep your home and office buildings safe with world-renowned fire extinguisher brands such as SRI, Eversafe, and SFFECO at affordable prices in Nepal, only at First Aid Nepal. We have them all, be it ABC Powder type fire extinguisher, Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguisher, or simply water fire extinguisher. Keep your home safe with Fire extinguishers, Portable and Trolly mounted fire extinguisher from First Aid Nepal. We deliver our products ASAP and dispatch a fire safety expert to guide you on using them! You can make the transaction through online payment methods or Cash on Delivery too! 

Price of Fire Extinguisher Online in Nepal

First Aid Nepal provides you with the best price for quality fire extinguishers in Nepal. We have fire extinguishers within the price range of Npr 2000 to above Npr 61,000. These include portable fire extinguishers or trolly mounted fire extinguishers with large capacities. The volume, fire extinguishing agent, and the brand affects the Price of Fire extinguishers in Nepal!

List of Fire Extinguishers Price below Npr 5000 at First Aid Nepal

First Aid Nepal is not just home to some of the best, but also some of the most affordable fire extinguishers in Nepal as well. Following is the list of some ofour fire extinguishers that are below Npr 5,000. Find out the best fire extinguisher price in Nepal.

We also refill the fire extinguishers of all types in Nepal. First Aid Nepal is leading importer of fire extinguisher refilling machine Nepal. First Aid Nepal is the only one company or extinguisher refilling plant in Nepal. We refill the fire extinguisher in Nepal with the Machine imported from Germany. Firs Aid Nepal refill the extinguisher of following types:

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher Refilling, CO2 Type fire Extinguisher Refilling, AFFF Foam type fire extinguisher refilling, Trolley Type DCP Fire Extinguisher Refilling.

We are the importers and stockiest of fire extinguisher refilling chemicals, fire extinguisher refilling valves, cartridges, chemicals, safety seal, and refilling machine.

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