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Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras- Nepal:

Dahua Nepal: Leading manufacturers of CCTV Cameras and IoT products has now launced Dahua Wireless Series CCTV Cameras in Nepal. These wireless series CCTV Cameras offer flexible, compact and simple to use functionality which are suitable for small and medium sized applications. Dahua Wireless CCTV Range are divided into four segments. Turret, Picoo, Bullet and Hero Series. All these series are easy to install configure and view on your mobile from remote locations throught internet & cloud connections.

The wireless CCTV Cameras on Dahua Brand are simple to install. They are build with Wi-fi frequency of 2.5 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz.Thanks to their capability to connect on network wirelessely and intutive plug and play setup. Dahua Wireless CCTV cameras  can be connected, managed wirelessely and operated via cell phone network using the Dahua mobile security surveillance  Application through Wifi via Dahua Security system(DMSS) Dahua Software platform provides convineant, professional remote management experience to its users. Through the software Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras users can manage device migration, device sharing within different individual accouints and can monitor the CCTV from remote area noth live and recorded audio and video.

Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras are loaded with AI Smart Human Detection which reduces the false alarms. The Wireless CCTV Cameras have built in microphone and speaker which enables the users to have two way talk function making Dahua Wireless Cameras different from other common cameras.

Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras can send real time notifications to alert the users about potential incidents. Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras are able to record the video and audio safely and reliably by inserting professional SD Card, NVR or Cloud storage. Privacy is required to every person in different moments. Thanks to Dahua Wireless Indoor  PTCCTV Camera models which have privacy mode-(lens close mode). The feature is available on (Dahua Hero Series Cameras).

Comprehensive Wireless CCTV Cameras- Dahua CCTV Nepal.

First Aid Nepal has recentely launched Dahua latest models of Dahua Wireless Camera Series in Nepal.The cameras are Turret by design(T2A LED & T4A-LED). These wireless turret cameras can produce Full Color videos at night too. The users can be benefited with clear color video images even in complete darkness which enables the better identification of target opject:i.e people or possible incidents-scenerio of intrusion.

Dahua Picoo Series Wireless CCTV : 360 Degree PT CCTV Camera in Nepal.

Dahua Picoo Series Wireless CCTV Cameras feature Dual LED Smart Light Technology whiuch records color video footages of incidents. These can PAn up to 360 Degree providing round circular surveillance. The Cameras feature two way audio as well as sound and light alarms for active deterrence.

Similarly some Dahua Wireless CCTV Cameras Models on bullet series Cameras(F2C-LED and F4C-LED fixed Focal Camewras) are also loaded with Full Color and Smart Dual Light technologies. Dahua all wireless bullet Cameras in this series have IP 67 protection rating to ensure optimal operation in harshweather and environmental conditions.These wireless cctv cameras are also featured with human detection and audio visual alarms to warn and deter the persons who enter the alarm activated/ alarm protected zones



HERO Series Dahua Wireless CCTV Camera in Nepal:Smart Shop Assistance: First Aid Nepal

Dahua Hero Series Cameras are the best wireless CCTV Cameras packed with the features normally associated with the bigger, more expensive and heavy duty cameras. The Hero A1 and C1 CCTV Cameras models are different in design without compromising key features on both the CCTV Cameras.

360 Degree View Wireless CCTV Camera with Night Vision & Two Way Audio Communication:

360 Degree view wireless CCTV Camera with out Blind Spots: Dahua Hero Series Wireless Cameras can be controlled by DMSS APP and can be related to 360 Degree to view the corners- ensuring fully monitoring from remte location from mobile app.

Better Security with Focous on Human Targets:

Dahua Hero Series wireless cameras can target the movement of humans, they can be tracked, movement path can be assigned for further analysis.

Privacy Mode: Dahua Wireless Series Indoor PT Cameras lens can be lowered through mobile app DMSS to  Protect the privacy of peoples on the scene/area.

Wireless CCTV Camera: Communication anytime, anywhere: Dahua wireless CCTV Cameras enables its users to communicate remotely: talk to people on the scene through the DMSS app at anytime. Dahua Hero Series Wireless CCTV Cameras also allows the users to record the video footage and play back record video in HD resolution and provides clear night time images. The camera comes with inbuilt night vision illumination with up to distance of 10 Meters night Vision Distance. The hero series wireless CCTV Cameras can also immediately push the video/ images notifications to users via mobile APP( application) when an event/ incident is recorded.

First Aid Nepal is the leading wireless cctv cameras importers, distributors & resellers of different brands of CCTV Cameras in Nepal in Wireless CCTV Segments, Wired Cameras & Professional Project Oriented CCTV Cameras in Nepal since 2011.

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