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IMOU Outdoor CCTV: 2C
Rs. 7,150 Rs. 6,435
IMOU Wirelss 4.0 MP CCTV
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Wireless IMOU Bullet Pro.
Rs. 7,200 Rs. 6,480
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IMOU: Wireless CCTV S21 FP
Rs. 9,290 Rs. 8,361
4 Megapixel CCTV Camera.
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C6N(4 mp)-EZVIZ
Rs. 6,864 Rs. 6,521
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Wireless Outdoor C3WN
Rs. 7,524 Rs. 7,148
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EZVIZ Wireless C3WN Camera
Rs. 8,052 Rs. 7,247

What is a Wireless CCTV Camera? 

Wireless CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are a wireless version of CCTV cameras that transmits video and audio signals to a wireless receiver through radio band signals. Although these CCTV cameras are functionally wireless, they require a power cable. Wireless refers to their ability to transmit signals without the need for a dedicated cable. 

What is the function of a Wireless CCTV Camera?

The Wireless CCTV Camera is used to monitor your surroundings, including but limited to the interior and exterior of your home and office. The camera's surveillance system captures the target area's video footage and sends it to a connected monitoring device. You can connect the wireless CCTV camera with an alarm system and detection with a few additional steps and get notified immediately. Furthermore, because of their wireless nature, you can mount these cameras in any corner without the additional cost of the cables and get enhanced video range as well. 

Why First Aid Nepal for Wireless CCTV Camera?

First Aid Nepal provides you with the Best Wireless CCTV cameras or all your security needs from renowned surveillance brands like Dahua and Hikvision. Furthermore, we also dispatch a team of experienced security experts to install our wireless CCTV cameras and guide you on it's usage and application to ensure that you get the best surveillance experience in your area. Since we offer the complete solution to all your CCTV camera needs, why not buy the best Wireless CCTV camera from First AId Nepal?

Buy Best Wireless CCTV Cameras in Nepal - First Aid Nepal

Buy the best Wireless CCTV cameras in Nepal at the best price at First Aid Nepal and get the complete security experience. Our wireless CCTV cameras are from a highly reputable brand, which ensures that every Wireless CCTV camera you purchase from First Aid meets strict global security standards. As such. With the wireless CCTV cameras in Nepal, you can monitor your surroundings and be wary of any intruders, fires, or any unforeseen circumstances at a moment's notice. Along with this, you can also review the activities of the target area to detect anomalies if under suspicion. 

Network Wireless CCTV Cameras Pricein Nepal - First Aid Nepal

Regardless of your budget, First Aid Nepal has got your back. We offer Wireless CCTV Cameras from the price range of 3600 to a little over 18500. First Aid Nepal has the best price of Wireless CCTV Cameras in Nepal for you, so regardless of your budget, you can get surveillance power from the best wireless CCTV camera! The price of Wireless CCTV Cameras will depend on the type of surveillance system, the range, and the brand you choose. 

List of Wireless CCTV Cameras below Npr 10,000 at First Aid Nepal

Get the best price for the best security wireless IMOU & EZVIZ  CCTV cameras in Nepal, only at First Aid Nepal. Below is the list of all the IMOU & EZVIZ CCTV Cameras.

EZVIZ Wireless CCTV Camera at best Price Shopping & Order

IMOU Wireless CCTV Cameras all Models Available Online with Best Price.

Cheapest IP CCTV Cameras in First Aid Nepal



Npr 3,600


Npr 5,148

Ranger 2 Wireless Camera

Npr 5,300


Npr 6,520

Wireless Outdoor C3WN

Npr 7,147

EZVIZ Wireless C3WN Camera

Npr 7,248

EZVIZ Wifi PTZ Camera

Npr 9,900

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