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What is the Network Video Recorder?

Network Video Recorder, or NVR for short, is a computer specifically meant for recording and storing video surveillance to a physical storage system such as a hard drive, flash drive, or an SD drive. Network Video Recorder does not capture video on its own but instead acts as an encoded storage system for IP CCTV cameras and HD Analog CCTV cameras.

What are the functions of Network Video Recorder?

The primary function of NVR or Network Video recorder is to store the footage from surveillance cameras such as IP CCTV Camera or HD Analog CCTV cameras. However, besides simply holding the videos, it also encodes the tape so that authorized devices can only access it. 

Besides this, some other functions of Network Video Recorder are:

> Video Analytics

> Providing options for recording

> Power-over-ethernet (POE) switches

> PTZ camera controls

> remote setup

> Recording trigger

> Video compression

So as you can see, although you cannot directly record NVR, you can add more functionality to your existing surveillance system by using and purchasing this device from First Aid Nepal; the best hub for surveillance, fire safety and networking devices in Nepal

Why Choose First Aid Nepal for Network Video Recorder?

First Aid Nepal has the best quality Network Video Recorder from brands such as Dauha and Hikivision. Along with this, we are one of the best importers and suppliers of home security measures in Nepal. This means that you can find high-grade Network Video Recorders in Nepal at an affordable price in our stores. 

Along with this, we also dispatch highly skilled technicians to your doorstep to install and guide you about the usage of Network Video Recorder. Since you can buy Network Video Recorder in Nepal at First Aid Nepal and get complete guidance on using it, the question is not why you should choose us but why not! 

Buy Best Network Video Recorders Online in Nepal- First Aid Nepal.

First Aid Nepal provides you with the best Network Video Recorders in Nepal to record and store all your surveillance videos. Buy the best network video recorders online in Nepal and record surveillance footage from any CCTV camera system, an IP CCTV, or HD Analog CCTV Camera. With NVR, you can review your surveillance footage anywhere and anytime. With world-renowned brands such as Dahua and Hikvision, high quality is guaranteed. In addition to that, everything you buy the best network video recordings online in Nepal from First Aid Nepal. We also provide you with experts to install and guide you on operating the Network Video Recorder system!

Price of Network Video Recorders Online in Nepal

Depending on the capacity and the features you require from Network Video Recorders, our price of Network Video Recorders ranges from a cheap Npr 1620 to Npr 1,01,200. Naturally, your choice of the brand will affect the price of the Network video recorder as well. With a wide price range and equally wide range of products, you can get Network Video Recorder regardless of your budget range.

List of Fire Network Video Recorder below Nrs. 20,000 at First Aid Nepal

Buy the best and network video recorders at affordable price at First Aid Nepal. We are home to some of the best equipment's in surveillance and network systems in Nepal. Following is the list of all the network video recorders under 20,000 in Nepal! 

Cheapest Network Video Recorders in First Aid Nepal



Npr 9500


Npr 6,397

HIK Vision 8 CH DVR

Npr 8,225


Npr 14,623

Network Video Recorder 4-8-16-32 Channels

Npr 18,200

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