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Network Switch Dahua
10% off
5 Port Gigabit Switch
Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,700
Dahua 16 Port Gigabit Unmanged Switch Nepal
20% off
Rs. 14,585 Rs. 11,668
Dahua Fast Ethernet Switch
15% off
4 Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Rs. 1,100 Rs. 935

Best Dahua Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch in Nepal

Dahuaa is one of the global powers in Network and Surveillance systems. Therefore it should be no surprise that products from this company are all qualified with IoT Product certification and ETSI Certification from TÜV Rheinland, ISO 27018 and ISO 27701 accreditation from the BSI.

Therefore we can rest assured that every product you get from this company is reliable. Now, First Aid Nepal brings you the functionality of Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switches from Dahua right at your doorstep. 

What are the functions of Dahua Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch?

Dahua Managed and Unmanaged Switches are some of the best network switches and are meant to function as methods of maintaining Media Access Control and Simple Network Management Protocol. Depending on the switch you use, you can manage MAC, SNMP, or both. Besides this, Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch from Dahua also lets us:

  • View the status of Traffic 
  • Network Errors
  • Port Status

And more. You should know that depending on Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch models from Dahua, you can get more functionality from the same managed and unmanaged switch. 

How much do Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch Cost?

At First Aid Nepal, we provide you with the best and most affordable Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch from Dahua. We offer products from a price range of Npr 2,700 to Npr 15,725. However, if you require more products, we are happy to provide you with Dahua Managed and Unmanaged switches as per your requirements. 

We have listed all the Dahua Gigabit Managed and Unmanaged Switch available at First Aid Nepal below to make it easier for you.

Dahua Managed and Unmanaged Switches in First Aid Nepal


5 Port Gigabit Switch

Npr 2,700

8 Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Npr 4,050

16 Port UNMANAGED Full Gigabit Switch

Npr 15,725

Buy the best and Cheapest Dahua Managed and Unmanaged Switches in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal! 

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