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Fire Safety Training in Nepal

Importance of Fire Safety Training

We have seen many kinds of Fire Safety Products and Fire Prevention Products in our daily life at Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Departmental Stores, Movie Theaters, Railways Stations and Gas Stations in our daily life. The Safety Systems are kept strategically throughout in our work places, but without operational training they are not enough to ensure the safety of all the workers in the event of a fire. Fire Safety Products themselves do nothing if we don’t know their functions and operated in case of disaster happens. For the proper use we need to have a complete plan in place so that the staff, workers, security personnel can use them tactically in the event of fire-whether it’s manmade or naturally-accidentally occurring.

Fire can destroy properties, valuable historical assets, can cause injuries or can take the life of peoples, animals, plants and can make serious damages. A fire can also bring the un-employment situation as many of the industries and offices are closed due to fire disaster never opened.

Fire Safety Training courses can provide the students or workers with the adequate knowledge they need to prevent the fire from occurring as well as to control the fire in case of any kind of fire disaster. Fire Safety training sometimes can become a barrier between life and death in the event of fire disaster in the work places like offices, hospitals or industries etc. With proper training courses employees can use the fire safety equipment’s and can reduce the fire risks or can use the firefighting equipment’s successfully if fire occurs.

Fire Safety Courses can help the employees-staffs to recognize the fire hazards, conduct safety procedures or assessment to reduce the risk of fire, can prevent the fire and take immediate action in case of fire break or occurs in work place.

Fire Safety Training Courses:

Recognizing of Fire Hazards: fire Safety training starts with the ability to identifying the basic properties of fire. All fire starts with ignition, comes in contact with fire source and oxygen which is in our atmosphere. To prevent the fire the main goal is keeping the above three elements apart.

Conducting the Fire Safety Assessment:

A fire Safety Assessment can identify the hazardous area, keep the flammable chemicals or substances in fire protected area. It helps the Employees or Staffs to identify what a work place needs to do to prevent the fire from occurring.

·         Emergency Routes and Keeping them clear All the Time.

·         Fire Detection & Warning System i.e. Fire Alarm system or Smoke Detector.

·         Fire Fighting Equipment’s.

·         Safe Storage of Dangerous Substances.

·         Emergency Evacuation Plan.

·         Communication with Employees or the occupants in other premises nearby.

·         Employee or Staff Fire Training.

·         Standard Operation Procedure of Fire Safety Equipment’s like fire Alarm & Operation of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant Systems etc.

A fire safety assessment is the first step to take to prevent the fire before it occurs or can happen in the workplace. It helps to identify the peoples or investments at risk, emergency preparedness, and effectiveness in control in the work place regarding the fire disaster. With the assessments the investors or owners of the property can make adequate arrangements to prevent the fire as well to fight with fire if it occurs.

Fire Safety Training in Nepal

First aid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one of the well-established company who are providing fire safety training, Fire safety equipment’s and Fire Protection Equipment’s like Fire alarm System Fire Ball. Fire Suppression system and Fire emergency Evacuation Plan, Fire Exit Emergency Exit Lights etc.

Tips to Prevent the Fire in work place include:

1.       Installation of Smoke Detectors and Fire alarm.

2.       Installation 

3.       Installation of Fire Hydrant System.

4.       Installation of Fire Blankets.

5.       Proper management of Highly Explosive & Flammable Liquids Safely & Protected.

6.       Electrical Wiring & Electrical Short Circuit Prevention.

7.       Keeping the Work Place Safe from Electrical Heating Equipment’s and other high voltage equipment’s and not let them operated them in un attended places.

8.       Learn how to use safety equipment’s and control the fire if it occurs in work places. 

Fire Safety Training Courses in Nepal?

In case of Fire Safety Training Required in Nepal –First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. can provide you the best fire safety and Fire Prevention Assessment courses. Our fire Safety courses mention following chapters:

1.       Fire Risk Assessments.

2.       Emergency Plan & Evacuation plans.

3.       Knowledge about different types of Fire Protection Equipment’s & Fire Fighting Equipment’s.

4.       Fire Alarm System Operation & Findings in Fire Disaster 

5.       Operation of Different Types of Extinguishers

6.       Fire Extinguishers Types & Usages.

7.       Operation Of Fire Hydrant System in Fire Disasters.

8.       Emergency Search Equipments & Safety Sirens.

9.       Fire Fighters Emergency Equipments.



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