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Fire has been an integral aspect of our life since ancient times, and because of this, we understand the benefits and risks of fire. In modern times, we have many ways to deal with fire extinguishers. However, this is not enough at times. Fire extinguishers aid us in dealing with fire after we have already noticed and acknowledged its existence. However, what if you cannot detect fire at all? For this, we have measures like Fire Alarm System.

But what are fire alarm systems, what are their functions, and what are the top alarm systems offered by Firstaidnepal?

Let's get started.

What are fire alarm systems?

alarm systems, as their name suggests, sound alarms in the presence of fire. Unlike popular belief, fire alarm systems do not notify you before the fire but after a fire occurs. They work by detecting the change in temperature, smoke particles in the air, or both. 

Depending on how alarm systems for fires work, they can be broadly categorized into three types. They are:

      Fire Alarm system

      Smoke Detection system

      Hybrid fire alarm system

What is the function of a fire alarm system?

Some of you may be thinking  - if a fire alarm system cannot signal us before a fire occurs, what use is there? You can detect the fire as soon as it occurs and notify the occupants.

To get a clearer picture of why fire alarm systems are necessary, we need to look at the function of fire alarm systems.

The four primary functions of fire alarm systems are:

1) Detect fire

The primary function of a fire alarm system is to detect the presence of fire. Depending on the type of fire alarm system, it can either detect fire based on the rapid change in temperature, an abrupt rise in smoke particles, or both. Regardless of the method in use, the system detects the fire as soon as there are signs of fire.

2) Alert Occupants

After detecting the presence of fire, the system then alerts the occupants within range. When the fire alarm system detects a change in temperature or smoke, it reacts to this change and sounds the alarm in the occupants of the building or connected area. The area alarm range can be anything from building occupants to industry occupants. The key point here is that system sounds the alarm so that the occupants in range get alerted.

3) Manage Risks

As the occupants get alerted of the fire, they can then take necessary measures to prevent the fire from getting large and take other required risk management methods. Furthermore, the alarm systems can be connected with risk management systems like sprinkler systems, air conditioning, or elevator systems to manage the risk.

4) Notify Authorities

Similar to how fire alarm systems can be connected with risk management systems, in highly sensitive areas, the system can also be linked with an automated message system to notify the authorities. The related authorities are generally the fire department of the said area.

What are Top Fire Alarm Systems in Nepal offered by Firstaidnepal?

So by now, you know what a fire alarm system is and what its functions are. Now let's talk about the top alarm systems at First Aid Nepal. First Aid Nepal provides you with the best fire alarm systems from three of the best brands out there. These brands are:

1) Agni Fire Alarm Systems

Agni devises Pvt Led is a Fire Alarm System developer based in India with three decades of experience producing some of the best alarm systems. This company has made long strides in developing alarms for all scales and sizes, including but not limited to Commercial, Institutional, and industrial clients, along with home fire security. The quality of fire from Agni Devices is designed to be efficient and accurate, ensuring that you can get notified regarding the fire without any delay.

The products from Agini meet strict requirements as per IS 2189: 1999 and pass through the quality checks done by BSNL, CPWD, PWD, Railways, and more.

Some of the products offered by Agni Devices are:

Agni Fire Alarms


Agni Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Npr 18,000

Stand Alone Detector With External Sounder.

Npr 3,325

Conventional System Heat Detectors \ AS-605-HD/NA

Npr 1,450

2) Ravel Fire Alarm Systems

Ravel fire is a fire safety company that was started back in 1986. The fire extinguisher system from Ravel has a team of experts working to ensure that the safety standards meet global standards. Furthermore, the Fire Alarm Systems from Ravel Fire is certified with ISO 9001 Standard ensuring that every fire alarm system you get is up to standard. In addition, the fire alarm systems at Ravel Fire are home to world-class R & D centers where multiple teams of dedicated experts focus on developing advanced fire and smoke detectors.

Some of the best Fire Alarm Systems offered by Ravel Fire are:

Ravel Fire Alarms


4 Zone Fire Alarm Panel Ravel

Npr 22,500

Ravel 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Npr 14,725

Conventional Type Fire Sire & Hotters -RE24SS

Npr 3,325

3) System Fire Alarm Systems

System Sensor is a fire alarm system manufacturer that is dedicated to providing us with the best fire and smoke detectors. Their products are built to meet the highly strict standards of ISO 9001: 2015. As such, every alarm system from System Sensor ensures that they are of high quality and are made with state-of-the-art technology. The fire alarm from System can be applied in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to spaces such as homes, auditoriums, offices, education centers, healthcare centers, retail organizations, and more.

Some of the products from System Sensor are:

System Sensor Fire Alarms


Linear Beam Smoke Detector-Conventional

Npr 45,500

Flame Detector System Sensor

Npr 4,275

System Sensor Conventional Smoke Detector

Npr 2,500

In the end

Fire alarm systems are an integral aspect of every fire safety system. While they do not provide you with any form of physical counter against fire, they provide you with a timely alarm that enables you to use other methods of dealing with fire, which includes but is not limited to existing the area affected by fire, using different type fire extinguishers and/or contacting your local fire department.

Aid First Aid Nepal; you can buy the best Fire Alarm systems from three of the best companies in the fire safety departments.

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What is a fire alarm system?

A: A fire alarm system is an electronic device that detects a fire based on different metrics and signals from the surroundings, sounds the connected alarm, and activates other security measures.

Q: What are the two basic types of fire alarm systems?

A: The two basic types of fire alarm systems are Ionization fire alarms and photoelectric fire alarm systems.

Q: Why is a fire alarm important?

A: A fire Alarm is important because it provides us with early notification of the fire and allows us to take safety actions which include but are not limited to contacting the fire authorities, using fire extinguishers, and escaping the hazardous area.

Q: What is the most common fire alarm?

A: The most common types of Fire Alarm Systems are conventional fire alarms suited for smaller buildings or areas with lower fire risk.

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