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Buy RAVEL Conventional Fire Alarm Panels at Best Price in Nepal

Ravel is well known for being one of the world-class leaders in the fire and smoke detection market. With a long history and products certified with ISO 9001, Ravel is a fire safety brand that you can trust. 

Buy the best and cheapest Ravel conventional Fire Alarm Panel in Nepal from us, and ensure that you get early fire warnings without fail. 

How does Ravel Fire Alarm Panel work?

A Fire Alarm Panel is not a single system. Instead, it is a combination of multiple fire alarm systems that are compacted into one single system. This often includes a combination of fire and smoke detectors and fire alarm systems. 

That said, not all fire alarm panels work in the same way. Some just detect the heat/smoke and trigger the alarm, while others are connected with the sprinkler system and automated fire extinguisher dispensers. 

How much does Ravel Fire Alarm Panel cost?

At First Aid Nepal, you can find Ravel Fire Alarm Panel at a price of Npr 14,725 and Npr. 22,500. However, if required, we can provide you with Ravel Fire Alarm Panels per your needs. 

The cost of Ravel Fire Alarm Panel is mainly determined by its features. The more feature you want in a Fire Alarm Panel, the higher its cost. 

Buy Ravel Fire Alarm Panel online in Nepal at the best price, only at First Aid Nepal. Following is a list of all the Ravel Fire Alarm panels currently available at First Aid Nepal. 

Types of Ravel Conventional Fire Alarm Panels


Ravel 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Npr 14,725

4 Zone Fire Alarm Panel Ravel

Npr 22,500

Note: The items and prices mentioned in this list are subject to market change. 

Buy the best and cheapest Ravel Fire Alarm Panel in Nepal from us and upgrade your fire safety! 

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