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ZKT is one of the biggest brands in the world of access control. This is a company that is spread all over the world with over 36000 employees and multiple subsidiaries globally. This is a brand that has been trusted globally. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the product from this brand. 

First Aid Nepal brings you quality products from ZKT right at your doorstep. Get complete control over your system's security and access control with the ZKT biometric access control system. 

What are the functions of ZKT Biometric Access Control?

The primary function of the ZKT biometric access control system, is to control access to files and systems using various biometrics. Although the primary form of biometrics used in ZKT Biometric Access Control is a fingerprint, we can provide you with other options if you choose. 

By verifying the user based on the biometrics, this system can be used to provide or deny access. 

How much does ZKT Biometrics Access Control Cost?

First Aid Nepal houses ZKT Biometrics Access Control for the price of Npr 2,640 and Npr 26,3850. The price will heavily depend on the features and specifications of the device. 

We have listed all the ZKT Biometrics Access Control available at First Aid Nepal below to make it easier for you; however, we can provide you with a wider range of products if you have such requirements.

ZKT access control at First Aid Nepal


SF 100 Door Lock & Access Control Device

Npr 20,700

ZKTECO Access Control F18 Door Access

Npr 24500

Buy the best and Genuine ZKT Access Control in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal! If you want more details regarding the ZKTECO Products concerned to Device or Quality, Software. We will welcome you with the free consultancy charge with best service.

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