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What is a K Type Fire Extinguisher?

K Type fire extinguishers are the extinguisher which can control the fire burnt on flammable liquid. A fire extinguisher which can extinguish the fire burning on hot and high temperature cooking oils, & greases. As the cooking gas or greases reach the high temperature we need to control them very carefully we need the K Type Special Fire Extinguishers with Wet Chemicals. Generally we need the K Type fire extinguishers in Kitchens where we cook different kind of foods on different temperatures

K Type of fire extinguishers are filled with Potassium Carbonates Potassium acetate or potassium citrate. We we use the extinguishers with these chemicals. The extinguishing agent makes the blanket over the oil and don't let the oil to re-evaporate and burn on high flames. Hence, the chemical cut offs the oxygen contact and the fire chain breaks.

 K Type Fire Extinguishers price in Nepal:

2 Liters K Type Fire Extinguisher Price in Nepal:Nrs.6500               
>4 Liters K Type Fire Extinguisher Price in Nepal:Nrs. 9500
> 6 Liter K Type Fire Extinguisher Price in Nepal:Nrs. 11500
> 9 Liter K Type Fire Extinguisher Price in Nepal:Nrs.16500

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