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Best SFFECO Fire Blankets in Nepal

Unlike other fire extinguishing methods that spray some fire extinguishing agent to put out the fire, fire blankets are flame retardant pieces of fabric. They may or may not be coated in a flame retardant substance. Fire blankets are easy to use, store, and versatile. However, they are not reusable. Regardless, they are some of the most effective fire safety measures. 

Buy SFFECO Fire Blankets in Nepal from First Aid Nepal; prevent fires causing destruction. Under emergencies, you can even wear fire blankets and escape the heat and flames. With the global qualifications of UL, FM, BSI, and LPCB, SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers are among some of the best equipment to buy online at First Aid Nepal! 

Where can SFFECO Fire Blankets be used?

Fire blankets are commonly used in Class K and B fires. SFFECO blankets are common sights in kitchens, automobiles, and paint shops. Besides this, you can cover your body with fire blankets to act as a fire shield while you escape from the fire-infested area. Because of this, fire blankets are often used during fire rescue missions and can be the difference between minor burns and life-threatening injuries. 

Despite fire blankets being nothing more than just pieces of advanced fabrics, they are non-reusable. After being used, SFFECO fire blankets should be disposed of properly to prevent further harm during emergencies. 

How much do SFFECO Fire Blankets Cost?

You can buy SFFECO fire blankets at First Aid Nepal at Npr 5,200. However, we can provide you with a wider variety of Fire blankets upon request. All you need to do is let us know your requirements, and we will deliver your order right at your doorsteps. 

Buy the best and cheap SFFECO Fire Blanket in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal. There is no price to fire safety! 

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