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Best System Sensor Fire sirens and strobes in Nepal

System Sensor Fire sirens make up one-third of the fire alarm system. The rest of the alarm systems are taken by fire and smoke detectors and MCP. As their name suggests, System Sensor Fire sirens and strobes are devices that produce alarming sounds. 

They can be triggered by either a manual control point or smoke and fire detectors. When you combine the functionality of a fire siren with the qualifications of this global brand, you get a reliable and effective fire alarm system. System Sensor is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, so there is no need to doubt the quality of its products.  

How do System Sensor fire sirens and strobes work?

The fire sirens are a rather simple system that consists of a speaker and an LED Light system. This system is connected with a fire and smoke detector or MCP. When the system detects a signal from either of these two devices, it triggers a loud alarm and strong fluctuating red light to warn the inhabitants of the building. 

It is a simple mechanism, and because of its simplicity, it is highly efficient. Unless the fire alarm or MCP fails, System Sensor Fire sirens and strobes will always work.

How much do System Sensor Fire sirens and strobes cost?

You can find System Sensor Fire sirens and strobes from upwards of Npr 3,325. That said, we supply Fire sirens of every type depending on your needs. If you require a Fire alarm and strobes, please let us know. 

Buy the best and cheapest Fire sirens in Nepal from First Aid Nepaland ensure that everybody gets warned in time about any types of fire hazards! 

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