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In case of any emergency during disaster everyone of us want to keep ourselves safe with our members and friends or staffs at offices. Emergency situation or disaster can happen anytime anywhere in the world live. After keeping ourselves and the surrounding people safe we need safety go bag. We need go bags for our family members as well as collogues if we are in the office premises. Go bag is also know as BUG Bag or 72 hours bag. When something bad happens to us or disaster strikes time is off for the essentials we need for our survival-mere seconds count and make difference between life & Death. Take example of Earthquake in Nepal in recent year 2015 Gorkha & 2023 Jajarkot district. Having a go bag with First Aid and other essentials already pre-packed with everything we need for emergency means we can spend  the crucial moments getting of the safety and safeguarding products as well as some food for us.

Instead of scrambling for the essential we need in case of disaster strike & potentially forgetting the critically supplies in midst of chaos, we can keep ourselves safe and calm and composed of the kits we need of survival. Having Emergency Go bag is always a wisest decision for saving our life from disaster.

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