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Best SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 fire extinguishers in Nepal.

CO2 fire extinguishers are designed for Class B and Class C Type flames. Because of this, CO2 fire extinguishers are primarily used in locations where the risk of fires involving flammable liquids and electrical components is the highest. From this description, we can easily guess that these places are generally factories or workshops with an increased risk of large-scale fire hazards. The good news is that you can easily contain these large-scale fires with SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 fire extinguishers. 

Buy the best SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 Fire extinguishers in Nepal from First Aid Nepal and be prepared to counter large scale industrial fires. With the global qualifications of  UL, FM, BSI, and LPCB, SFFECO CO2-type fire are among the best weapons against industrial fires! 

Where can SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 Fire Extinguishers be used?

As mentioned earlier, SFFECO CO2 fire extinguishers are best for fighting type B and type C fires. These fires generally occur in industrial areas where electrical components and flammable liquids are used. This is because type B flames involve flammable liquids such as petroleum and tars, while type C flames involve electrical equipment. 

Since SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 fire extinguishers are big CO2 extinguishers with high output capacity, they are primarily used in factories and large paint shops. If you want the same results at a smaller scale, you can use SFFECO CO2 type fire extinguishers. 

We have covered the details about the class of fires in our overview about fire extinguishers. Do give it a read for a detailed overview. 

How much does SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 fire extinguishers Cost?

The cost of an SFFECO Trolley Mounted CO2 Fire extinguisher is largely dependent on the volume and discharge time. The higher the volume and quicker the discharge time, the higher the price. 

You can Buy SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishes in Nepal at First Aid Nepal only at Npr 32,250. However, we offer trolley mounted fire extinguishers of various price ranges per your need. Let us know if you have any specific requirements, and we will fulfil your wish!

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