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2 KG Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher UAE
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SFFECO 2 KG CO2 Fire EXtinguisher
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SFFECO 5 KG Capacity CO2 F.Ex.
Rs. 14,400 Rs. 13,680

\Best SFFECO CO2 type fire extinguishers in Nepal

Carbon dioxide-type fire extinguishers are among the most used fire extinguishers in an official environment. They are easy to use, and also multipurpose and highly functional. What would happen if you combine the functionality of Carbon dioxide-type fire extinguishers with a product from a global fire safety brand like SFFECO? You get a reliable, secure, and highly functional fire extinguisher.

Buy SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguisher in Nepal from First Aid Nepal; prevent fires from destroying your home and workspace. With the global qualifications of  UL, FM, BSI, and LPCB, SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers are among some of the best equipment to buy online at First Aid Nepal! 

Where can SFFECO CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers be used?

SFFECO CO2 Type fire extinguishers are primarily used for  Class C type fire extinguishers, i.e. for a fire involving electrical equipment. These can be fires started by electrical equipment or fires occurring on electrical equipment. Besides this, SFFECO CO2 fire extinguishers can also be used in fires involving flammable liquids. In essence, SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers can be used in Type B and C types fires. 

This fire extinguisher is filled with compressed carbon dioxide that expands upon release. Therefore we do not recommend you use this in small rooms or rooms with poor ventilation. If you use CO2 fire extinguishers in small or enclosed rooms, you can risk carbon dioxide poisoning.

How much do SFFECO Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguishers Cost?

The price of SFFECO Carbon Dioxide type Fire extinguishers is determined bythe volume of the extinguishing agent, pressure, and discharge time. 

You can buy SFFECO fire extinguishers at First Aid Nepal within Npr 8,820 to Npr 13,680. Because of the agent and complex design of the product, CO2 fire extinguishers are innately a bit more expensive than other types of fire extinguishers. 

Side note* the higher the price, the more the volume and less the discharge time per volume. 

SFFECO CO2 type fire extinguishers Price in Nepal

Buy SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers online in Nepal at the best price, only at First Aid Nepal. We have made a list of all the SFFECO fire extinguishers available at First Aid Nepal below to make it easier for you.

Types of SFFECO CO2 type Fire extinguishers


SFFECO 2 KG CO2 Fire EXtinguisher

Npr 8,820

SFFECO 5 KG Capacity CO2 F.Ex.

Npr 13,680

Are you searching for affordable and high-quality fire extinguishers in Nepal? Welcome to First Aid Nepal, here to provide you with some of Nepal's best and most affordable fire extinguishers! Buy the best and cheap fire extinguishers in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal. 

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