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Best Hikvision analog HDCVI CAMERAS in Nepal

As one of the leading companies in the video surveillance world, Hikvision is globally renowned for its high specs in video surveillance products. This naturally includes Analog HDCVI cameras as well. 

You know that you have a reliable surveillance system when you have a product from a company that has won a wide range of global awards. These awards include ESX innovation awards (2018), Physical Security Emerging Vendor Award (2017), SIA New Product Showcase, and more. 

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What are the features of Hikvision analog HDCVI cameras?

Hikvison Analog HDCVI cameras are well known for having some of the best specs in the market among the analog HDCVI cameras. They have optimum low light sensitivity, high frame rate, and superb video quality, besides having some of the best prices in the market. The highest features of Hikvision Analog HDCVI cameras are:

  • Enhanced Night Vision 

  • High max bitrate

  • wide range of Lens options

On top of these, depending on your choice of models, you can get advanced too! 

How much do Hikvision analog HDCVI cameras Cost?

The price range of Hikvision analog HDCVI cameras ranges from Npr 2700 to Npr 3825 and upwards; however, we can quickly provide you with a broader range of cameras per your requirements. 

The following is the list of the available Hikvision Analog HDCVI cameras. 

Hikvision Analog HDCVI Camera


Hikvision DS 2CE56D0T-IP\ECO Dome

Npr 2,700

Hikvision Bullet Camera (DS-2CE16D0T-IP\ECO)

Npr 2,700

Hikvision Turret Audio Inbuilt Bullet Camera

Npr 3,240

Hikvision Turret Audio Inbuilt Camera

Npr 3,240

Hikvision CCTV Camera With PIR Sensor

Npr 3,250

2 MP ColorVu Indoor Fixed Turret Camera

Npr 3,825

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