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Buy Fire Alarm Siren / Hotter at Best Price in Nepal

The Fire Alarm system is incomplete without the actual alarm. This is where Agni Fire Sirens and Hotters come into play. These simple devices meant for producing alarming sounds and flashing lights are some of the best methods to warn people of the impending danger of fire.

When you add the trust of India's best Fire safety brand behind an effective warning system, the outcome is sirens and hotters built upon the millions' trust. 

How do Agni Fire Alarm Siren/ Hotter work?

The working mechanism behind Agni Fire Alarm Siren and Hotter is simple. This device is merely a compact loudspeaker and bright flashing light connected with a heat/smoke detection system or a Manual Control Point.

When the systems detect the fire and trigger a fire signal, Agni Fire Alarm Siren/ hotter sounds a loud alarm and bright flashes of light enabling the people in a building to notice the danger. 

How much does Agni Fire Alarm Siren/ Hotter cost?

First Aid Nepal provides you with Agni Fire Alarm Siren from upwards of Npr. 500. If you require other Agni Manual Control points, we can arrange them as per your needs. 

The price of the Agni Fire Alarm system and Hotter is directly affected by the complexity of the device. 

Buy the best and cheapest Agni Fire Alarm Siren and Hotter in Nepal from us and upgrade your fire safety!  

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