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How EarthQuake Alarm Works:  The Quake Alarm- Earthquake Alarm Detector has its patented reverse pendulum detection technology which can provide you precious seconds to respond immediately right when earthquake is detected. The Quake alarm is designed to give the instant alert of sesmic  activity thrugh the detection of P-Wave(Compression Wave) of the earthquake waves which travels much faster than the for devestating-destructive "S" Waves. The "P wave can be detected" and the device can sound the alarm before people can actually feel the shake of the waves. The Earthquake alarm is capable of detecting large Earthquake that happen hundreds of miles away from the place its installed. The device can detect moderate or small earthquakes or shaking. The inbuilt buzzer can make enough beep alarm sound so the users can keep them safe or escape from the building quickly. It can wake up up from asleep which can help you to get cover or tend to family members.

Provides early warning by detecting an earthquake’s sound wave before the earthquake’s destructive shear wave strikes your area.

  Fully adjustable sensitivity setting.

  Automatically resets and shuts off when earthquake stops.

  Loud distinctive alarm. N Operates off of a 9-volt battery.

  Can detect earthquakes that occur many miles away. N Saves valuable seconds by removing the guesswork in early earthquake detection.

  Monitors aftershocks.

What magnitude earthquake does the Quake Alarm™ detect?

Answer:  The Quake Alarm™ has a sensitivity adjustment whereby it can detect close by 4.0 earthquakes to quakes of 6.0 and above that are hundreds of miles away.

How does the Quake Alarm™ work/operate?

Answer:  The Quake Alarm™ is a small plastic device that is not much bigger than a thermostat that mounts onto a wall with adhesive Velcro® strips and it operates off a nine-volt battery. The internal components are made up of a patented reverse pendulum system that is sensitive to “p” waves that precedes an earthquake. This pendulum moves, tripping a switch circuit which sounds the loud buzzer.

What is the "P" Wave? How does the Quake Alarm™ detect them?

Answer: Earthquakes produce many waves caused by the plate or rock movements beneath the surface. The two main waves are “P” compression wave which is the fastest moving wave. The Quake Alarm™ is sensitive enough to detect this wave movement and sound the alarm before the “S” shear wave hits. This alert gives you a few seconds to help children or others find a safe place to be, and the buzzer is loud enough to wake you up.

You say the Quake Alarm™ operates off a nine-volt battery. How long does it last?

 Answer: With intermittent alarming and testing of the units on a regular basis, a nine-volt alkaline battery will last about five years.

Why should people use the Quake Alarm™?

Answer: Because it wakes you up at night at the start of an earthquake and it confirms that what you might be feeling is, in fact, an earthquake.

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