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Best Fire Hunt CO2 type fire extinguishers in Nepal

Carbon Dioxide is one of the most famous fire extinguishing agents globally. It is quick and effective at putting out multiple types of fire, and it looks good. Along with this, CO2-type fire extinguishers are also used for more than just fire extinguishers. However, its primary purpose is to put out the fire, which it does spectacularly. Carbon dioxide is best used for Class B and Class C types of fires, making it ideal for industrial areas. 

Combine this versatility with the Fire Hunt Fire safety quality, and you get a fire extinguisher that you can trust. Buy Fire Hunt CO2 fire extinguisher from First Aid Nepal and improve your fire safety standards. 

Where can Fire Hunt CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers be used?

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are primarily found in industrial zones where most fires are related to either flammable gasses, flammable liquids, or electrical equipment. Fire Hunt CO2-type fire extinguishers are highly effective against Class B and C-type flames. 

Although not highly efficient, it can be used for small Class A-type flames. The working mechanism behind Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguishers is to remove the heat and oxygen. The only issue with this is that there are a lot of materials with inbuilt oxygen that can last longer than the fire extinguisher and burn at a high temperature. 

That aside, you should never use a carbon dioxide-type fire extinguisher in an enclosed space or a location without proper ventilation. The agent expands upon release, and you can get carbon poisoning if you are careless. 

This fire extinguisher is filled with compressed carbon dioxide that expands upon release. Therefore we do not recommend you use this in small rooms or rooms with poor ventilation. If you use CO2 fire extinguishers in small or enclosed spaces, you can risk carbon dioxide poisoning.

How much do Fire Hunt Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguishers Cost?

The price of Fire Hunt Carbon Dioxide type Fire extinguishers is determined by the volume of the extinguishing agent, pressure, and discharge time. Therefore the cost of Fire Hunt CO2 fire extinguishers increases with the increase in volume and reduction of discharge time. 

The price of Fire Hunt CO2 Fire extinguishers in Nepal ranges from Npr 8,820 to Npr 12.760. 

Fire Hunt CO2 type fire extinguishers Price in Nepal

Buy Fire Hunt CO2-type fire extinguishers at the best price, only at First Aid Nepal. Following is the list of the available Fire Hunt CO2 Fire extinguishers at First Aid Nepal 

Types of Fire Hunt CO2 type Fire extinguishers


2 KG Fire HUNT CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Npr 8,820

4.5 KG Fire HUNT CO2 Type Extinguisher

Npr 12,760

Note* the inventories and prices in this list are subject to market change!

Buy the best and cheapest Fire extinguishers in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal! 

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