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What are Wireless Network access points?

A Network Access Points are points that have high levels of connectivity and options to access main carriers and content. A Network Access Point (NAP) is a device used to create a Wireless local area network  (WLAN) in an office or a large building. This device is connected to a router, switch, or other forms of internet hub through an Ethernet cable and lets out a Wi-Fi signal within a specific range. 

What is the function of Wireless Network access points?

Network access points create a wireless local area network (WLAN), usually in an office or a large building such as a home. The function is simple - to release a Wi-Fi signal within a specific area. Although the process is relatively simple, Wireless network access points can be used to connect surveillance systems, including IP CCTV Cameras and alarms. Besides this, network access points are also generally helpful in having a good internet service. If you are looking for the best devices, you can buy the best Network Wireless access points in Neapl at First Aid Nepal for an affordable price.

Why First Aid for Wireless Network access points?

Purchasing network access points can be a risk, but with First Aid Nepal, you don't need to worry about anything. We are the biggest importer, supplier, and distributor of home and office security measures, with popular brands like Cambium & Ruijie & Reyee. Along with this, we also dispatch our experts to install the Wireless network access points and guide on how to maintain and use the device. With the best products and quality services in Nepal on our site, what prevents you from purchasing network access points from First Aid Nepal?

Buy Best Wireless Network Access Points in Nepal- First Aid Nepal.

If you want high-speed Wi-Fi with decent internet speed, just having a good internet connection is not enough. You need to buy the best Network Access Points in Nepal as well. For that, First Aid Nepal is your best choice. Our Network access points come from global brands such as Cambium network and Ubiquity network so there is no need to doubt the quality of our products. Regardless of what your need is we have got the product for you. Buy Best Network Access Points in Nepal from First Aid Nepal and get the fast Wi-Fi connection you deserve! 

Price of Wireless Network Wireless Access Points Online in Nepal

As per your needs, First Aid Nepal has a wide range of Network Access Points of various price ranges. The price of Network Access Point will depend on the internet bandwidth capacity, the range and the number of ports it needs to support. Considering this, we have included Network access points from a price range of Npr 2880 for small rooms to ones costing up to Npr 67,800 that cover an entire complex. Regardless of your budget, First Aid Nepal has got the perfect price of Network Access Points to fit your needs! 

List of Wireless NetworkAccess Points at First Aid Nepal

Buy the best and cheapest Network Access Points only at First Aid Nepal for affordable, safe and well managed network system. Following is the list of Network Access Points at First Aid Nepal. Note, the number of items and their prices are subject to market change. 

Network Wireless Access Points at First Aid Nepal


CnPilot E410

Npr 2,880

CnPilot E600 400x400

Npr 5,400

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