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Best SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers in Nepal

SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers are well known for their superior capacity to counter fires in industrial zones. Since CO2 type fire extinguishers are primarily used for class B and C type fires, they are the perfect counter for industrial fires. Along with the safety of the fires extinguisher class, you also have the trust of a global fire fore safety brand Steel Recon Industries (SRI)

Buy SRI CO2-type fire extinguisher in Nepal from First Aid Nepal; prevent fires from destroying your home and workspace. This global fire safety produces fire safety products with the qualifications of VdS, LPCB, BSI, UL and Sai Global. Therefore, SRI CO2-type fire extinguishers are the best fire safety equipment in your home or industry. 

Where can SRI CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers be used?

Carbon dioxide-type fire extinguishers are commonly used in industrial zones where the standard fires involving flammable liquids and electrical equipment occur. That said, SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers can be used in homes and offices. As long as the type of fire is Class B or C, you can use SRI CO2 type fire extinguisher. For those who are confused, Class B and C types of fires are:

  • Class B: Fires involving flammable liquids such as petroleum, tar, lacquers, alcohols and flammable gasses

  • Class B: Fires energized electrical equipment such as power sockets and power outlets

Besides this, you should be careful of where you use SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers. The core extinguishing agent is compressed carbon dioxide that expands upon release. Therefore we do not recommend you to use this fire extinguisher in an enclosed area. If you do this, there is a significant chance of the user being poisoned with carbon dioxide exposure. 

How much do SRI Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguishers Cost?

The primary factors behind the price of SRI Carbon Dioxide type Fire extinguishers are the volume of the extinguishing agent, pressure, and discharge time. 

First Aid Nepal offers SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers from Npr 8,550 to Npr 13,050. Depending on your budget and requirements, First Aid Nepal has got the perfect SRI fire extinguishers for your need! 

SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers Price in Nepal

Buy the best and cheap SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers online in Nepal at the best price, only at First Aid Nepal. Following is a list of all  SRI CO2 type fire extinguishers in Nepal currently available. 

Types of SRI CO2 type Fire extinguishers


2 KG Capacity CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Npr 8,850

5 KG Capacity CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher-SRI

Npr 13,050

Note* the products and prices in this list are subject to market change. 

If you want to buy the best and cheapest fire extinguisher in Nepal, First Aid Nepal is your best choice. Book your orders now or let us know of your requirements; we are happy to serve your needs! 

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