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What is a smoke detector or a smoke alarm?

A Smoke Alarm or a smoke detector is a electronic device made to detect the occurance of smoke. So, a smoke detector can be taken as a fire protection device which saves lives and property in the world we are living. The device is designed to sense the smoke automatically in presence of smoke. Smoke detector -alarm work as a key indicator of fire before it gets bigger. The device can transmit the signal to the Fire Alarm Control Panel or it can also activate its inbuilt buzzer. The sound can generate the alert to the occupants or can make Alert to the Security Command Center. So, Smoke Detectors can be taken as the first line of defence or alert device which can help us to know the fire ignition in our working place, surroundings, stores, factories or the place we are leaving in the modern world today.It activates before fire disaster goes out of control.The Smoke detectors can be categorized in two different types: Commericail and industrial detectors - Residential Stand Alone Smoke Detectors. 

The Commercial Smoke detectors are connected to the Main Fire Alarm Control Panel in the security room. When the commercial or industrial smoke detector senses the smoke it transmit  the signal to the Main Fire Alarm Control Panel and the fire alarm control panel rings the hooters to notify or alert the occupatants. The Panel can also send the fire signal to notify the Fire Stations.

The Residential Smoke Detectors are also called Stand Alone Type Smoke Detectors with inbuilt battery and inbuilt Buzzer. The residential smoke detectors are used on the houses, stores or bedrooms. The detector can notify us in case of fire inside the house. Its very very useful during the nights. If fire disaster happens it can wake up us with its inbuilt buzzer.

What is a LPG Gas Leak Detector?

A LPG Gas alarm is a electronic device designed to detect the leakage of LPG Cooking Gas. The main purpose of the device is to alert the people or occupants near them to make the Alert. The device can detect the concentration of LPG Gas or Propane Gas. The device is  built with catalytic type gas sensor-with advanced electrical technology, MCU, and built in high pitched buzzer. It can make response quickely as it is a high sensitive stable device and low false alarm ratio. In case of crossing the upper limit of LPG Gas concentration near the device it can send visual and audible alarm signal to make the user Alert and Cautious. The device is very useful for the commercial as well as residential use.

What is a Carbon Mono-Oxide Gas Detector?

A Carbon Mono Oxide detector is a electronic detector which can detect the Carbon-Mono-oxide Gas very quickely with its inbuilt sensor. The device is very useful for house hold and residential purpose. The device can alert the sleeping people in case of fire. As carbon Mono Oxide is generated with the smoke during fire disaster. The Carbon Mono Oxide Detector Plays vital role to wake the occupants sleeping inside the house. Thus it can save you lives and your family, friends or your employees.


Cost Price of Stand Alone Battery Operated Smoke Detectors in Nepal

The Price of Wireless Stand Alone Type Smoke Detectors in Nepal--------------Nrs.1600 to  Nrs.3500.

Cost Price of LPG Gas Leak Detectors in Nepal

The Price of LPG GAS LEAK DETECTORS in Nepal-----------------Nrs. 6000 to Nrs.15000

The Cost Price of Carbon Mono Oxide Detectors in Nepal

The Price of Carbon Mono Oxide Detector in Nepal-------Nrs. 12000 to 25000

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